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Author Archive for Tom Brown

Editor in Chief and Owner of Rebellion News. Tom also hosts The Tom Brown Show on WEZS 1350AM in Laconia, NH.

Today’s Rebellion News – October 25th 2016

Techie Proves Donna Brazile’s Emails Weren’t Doctored, Despite Claims
(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)
*Lead Story*

Obamacare premiums to rise by double-digit percentages for millions
(Washington Times – Tom Howell Jr)
*Must Read*

Top University Stole Millions From Taxpayers By Faking Global Warming Research
(Daily Caller – Andrew Follett)

Nets Silent on Perjury Sentencing of Democrat Attorney General
(NewsBusters – Nicholas Fondacaro)

Yale President Makes It Clear His University Is Done With Free Speech
(The Federalist – Richard A. Epstein)

Horrible PSA: It’s Okay to Bully Kids If Their Parents Didn’t Vote?
(Reason – Robby Soave)

Report: U.S. Ranks 41st in Global Index of Press Freedom – Behind Namibia and Belize
(CNS News – Penny Star)

Fed Should Stick to a Schedule to Raise Rates Before Inflation Rises
(Newsmax – Peter Morici)

Politico, Megyn Kelly Rush Out Fabricated Narrative to Attack Breitbart News
(breitbart – Matthew Boyle)

Sanctimony, Inc.
(National Review – Victor Davis Hanson)

‘Digital dark matter’ in the Information Age — is it the source of ‘missing GDP growth’?
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

American Bird Conservancy says no to wind turbine project
(Watchdog – Michael Bielawski)

Facebook Co-Founder Drops $35M to Defeat Trump
(PJ Media – Liz Sheld)

Podesta Kept Up With Former Investment Firm Employer While at White House
(Washington Free Beacon – Lachlan Markay)

O’Keefe: I don’t see how Hillary can deny violating election law
(Hot Air – Larry O’Connor)

FBI No. 2 pressured to resign over McAuliffe donations to wife
(Washington Examiner – Paul Bedard)

AT&T used broad data-gathering system for federal government
(The Hill – Julian Hattem)

GOP-Trump divisions may be nothing next to those of Democrats in power.
(American Spectator – Ross Kaminsky)

Leaked Emails Offer Clues to How Clinton Would Govern
(Real Clear Politics – Alexis Simendinger)

California Scales Back High-Speed Rail Plans Again
(American Interest – Harry Zieve Cohen)

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