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Freedom of Speech in 2014

Posted by Editor in Chief
April 2nd, 2014
Tom Brown Radio

Tom Brown,
Editor In Chief,
Rebellion News

Freedom of Speech in 2014 has the same problems that it always had. When people agree with you than it’s great, but if they don’t look out. This point of view has popped up lately in the press. Should ‘climate deniers’ be put in jail for their speech? Control freaks think so. I mean anyone who is against the Freedom of Speech is small minded person anyway. It doesn’t matter what side of the debate you’re on. If you want people to get in trouble because of their point of your view, I ask. “what country are you from?” You can’t be American. Because Americans understand and feel strongly about this right.

America is an exceptional country and our Freedom of Speech is one the reasons why. This right is for everyone even people you don’t agree with. Our University systems are not teaching this. It’s conform or get crushed. So in 2014 are you going to listen to people who don’t believe in the Freedom of Speech? I’m not! Keep right on talking, you still have the right as of today.

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