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Today on The Tom Brown Show

The Government of RI is out of control!

Posted by Editor in Chief
July 31st, 2009

Here is my 2 cents for the day!

The number one story I posted on -Today’s  Headlines- was the 1200 businesses being put out of business by the State of RI. The state of Rhode Island’s government is out of control!

This is why NH can never ever put in a sale tax. The government of RI should be punished in big way for this choice. To put these people out of business because they owe sales tax is unreal. Perhaps you should cut your sales tax rate or have a tax holiday for business. They are putting  1200 businesses out of business.  No payment plans and you must pay in full or you are out. These are real people folks!

RI has one of the worst unemployment rates in New England. It’s no wonder why, with such a short sighted thought process.  You are asking for a tax revolt and I hope business owners sue you. This is the kind of action that caused the Boston Tea Party with unfair tax policy.

Remember, When a government has no heart, the people will not follow with their brains.  This is the kind of story makes my blood boil!

Have a good day and support business!

Tom Brown

Editor in Chief  of Rebellion News

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