April 27th 2011

Why Isn’t China Democratizing? Because It’s Not Really Capitalist

(The American – Dan Blumenthal) *Lead Story*

The Weak Dollar Problem

(Energy Tribune – Steve H. Hanke) *Must Read*

How the West Is Being Turned into a Version of the Middle East

(Pajamas Media – Barry Rubin)

Is America Finally Ready for Ron Paul?

(Daily Reckoning – Addison Wiggin)

Spotting Media Bias in Story Choices

(Accuracy in Media – Allie Duzett)

Barbour’s withdrawal doesn’t say much about GOP chances in 2012

(Washington Examiner – Michael Barone)

The Left Hates Oil Companies, That’s really what all this is about.

(National Review – Larry Kudlow) *Must Read*

Koran-Burning Pastor Jailed for Thoughtcrime

(Human Events – Robert Spencer)

Two Fries Shy of a Happy Meal

(American Spectator – Ralph R.Reiland)

Senate Budget Republicans to Conrad: no budget blitzkrieg

(Daily Caller – Jonathan Strong) *Must Read*

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