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March 6th 2011

Chaotic Mideast Reveals Obama’s Confused Policy

(Investor’s Business Daily – Victor Davis Hanson) *Lead Story*

Film subsidy fans ignore critical facts

(Detroit News – Frank Beckmann)

Wisconsin’s Teachers: Betraying Students, Robbing Taxpayers
Are they loyal to anything but themselves?

(Pajamas Media – Matt Patterson) *Must Read*

Sovereign Debt: a Threat to the Entire Financial System

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Egypt, Libya have Bush to thank: Freedom doctrine led to uprisings in the Arab world

(NY Daily News – Charles Krauthammer) *Must Read*

Beltway politics is road to energy poverty

(Washington Times – David Holt)

Obama’s Fabian approach to national health insurance

(Washington Examiner – James P. Pinkerton)

Can a $100 Dollar Bill Get You Detained at a Florida Turnpike Tollbooth?

(The Blaze – Scott Baker)

Activist files flurry of complaints on Little Bird

(San Francisco Chronicle – C.W. Nevius)

Canadians buy U.S. health care as weak economy pushes down prices

(Globe and Mail – Lisa Priest) *Must Read*

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