November 19th 2010

Airport Security Firestorm Ignored by President, Cabinet

(Family Security Matters – Jim Kouri) *Lead Story*

What’s Good for GM Is Now Terrible for America

(American Spectator – John Berlau)

U.S Must Combat Chinese Mercantilism

(Human Events – Peter Morici) *Must Read*

An Energy Drink for the GOP

(Wall Street Journal – Kimberley A. Strassel)

The Blind Who Will Not See: The President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Iranian Death Spiral

(Pajamas Media – Michael Ledeen)

Former U.S. attorney targeted in DOJ report seeks apology, correction

(Daily Caller – Amanda Carey)

Ethanol from Coal, Natural Gas and Coke, not from Corn

(Energy Tribune – Michael J. Economides) *Must Read*

Politician calls cops on boys, 13, for running unlicensed cupcake stand

(NY Daily News – Lauren Johnston)

Senator Rockefeller and Congresswoman Jackson-Lee Have the Censorship Bug

(Big Government – Seton Motley)

Hatch: Truncated First-Ever Senate Hearing for Obama’s Never-Confirmed Medicare Director Was ‘Pathetic’

(CNS News – Nicholas Ballasy) *Must Read*

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One thought on “November 19th 2010

  1. Tami

    Regarding the Lead story,Airport Security – I get the “need” that we have to be protected & “feel” safe,but in turn their actions & demands are forcing us to feel at times more uncertainty to them rather than the terrorists themselves. There has to be a different way to go about this that both sides can agree to & not feel that our right’s,privacy & bodies are being violated.


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