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Today’s Rebellion News – February 21st 2013

Posted by Editor in Chief
February 21st, 2013

Paul to hold up Brennan’s CIA nomination over drone strikes

(Washington Times – Shaun Waterman) *Lead Story*

Ag Secretary Vilsack: You know what we really need? More advanced biofuels!

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen) *Must Read*

Energy production banned in half of petroleum reserve

(Human Events – Audrey Hudson)

HHS: Head Start Students Do Worse in Math Than Non-Head Start Students

(CNS News – Fred Lucas)

Will the sequester really knock almost a point from GDP and cost 700,000 jobs?

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis) *Must Read*

Shut Up or I’ll Kill You

(PJ Media – Michael Ledeen)

Student: Texas High School Teacher Refused To Grade Paper on Gun Shows

(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins)

ACU Announces Ratings of Congress

(Townhall – Heather Ginsberg)

Obama’s Minimum Wage Hike: A Case Of Zombie Economics

(Forbes – James Horn)

Big Three Network Double Standard on Labeling Scandalous Politicians

(NewsBusters – Geoffrey Dickens)

National Security and Your Digital Data

(Daily Reckoning – Jeffrey Tucker)

Coal: the cleanest energy source there is?

(Fox News – Gene J. Koprowski)

Computer glitch fixed but VA IG says agency workers ignoring it

(Washington Examiner – Mark Flatten)

The True Story Behind the Financial Crisis

(Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Evans)

Dem lawmakers: Tax guns to buy guns

(The Hill – Pete Kasperowicz)

Examining 20 Years of U.S. Highway and Bridge Performance Trends

(Reason Foundation – David T. Hartgen, M. Gregory Fields, and Elizabeth San Jose)

Oops: Santa Fe Releases Names of Gun Buyback Participants After They Were Promised Anonymity

(The Blaze – Madeleine Morgenstern)

Senators to Obama: Withdraw Hagel

(Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper) *Must Read*

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by Tom Brown

Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief and Owner of Rebellion News. Tom also hosts The Tom Brown Show on WEZS 1350AM in Laconia, NH.

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