Today’s Rebellion News – January 3rd 2011

Santorum vows end to blaming Obama once in White House

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan) *Lead Story*

Dysfunctional Government or Corrupt Media?

(Accuracy in Media – Roger Aronoff) *Must Read*

Establishment GOPers have surrendered to more than big government

(Washington Examiner – Mark J. Fitzgibbons)

Could You Be A Criminal? US Supports UN Anti-Free Speech Measure

(Forbes – Abigail R. Esman)

More proof of redistricting manipulation by Democrats

(Human Events – Steven Greenhut)

Energy tax cuts don’t work

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Nicolas Loris)

The NDAA’s historic assault on American liberty

(Guardian UK – Jonathan Turley) *Must Read*

Will 2012 Be Our 1979?

(National Review – Victor Davis Hanson)

Communist Party Targets Veterans for Recruitment: How Will Their Skills be Used?

( – Trevor Loudon)

The Graduate: Why Should Everyone Else Pay for Other People’s Dumb (and Hedonistic) Career Choices

(PJ Media – Barry Rubin)

2012 could be the year Germany lets the euro die

(Daily Telegraph UK – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)

Supreme Court case involving Idaho lake house ignites conservative cause against EPA

(Washington Post – Robert Barnes)

No more snowplows or icy roads?

(Globe and Mail – Neil Reynolds) *Must Read*

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