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Today’s Rebellion News – May 31st 2012

Posted by Editor in Chief
May 31st, 2012

U.N. takeover of the Internet must be stopped, U.S. warns

(CNET – Declan McCullagh) *Lead Story*

New York City bans big drinks

(Human Events – John Hayward) *Must Read*

Industry Groups Dispute Obama’s Claim to Pursue ‘All-of-the-Above’ Energy Policy

(CNS News – Matt Cover)

Can Mitt draw blood attacking Obama for cronyism?

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Defense Secretary to explain U.S. pivot to Asia in Singapore speech

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

A Religious Fire Bell in the Night

(American Spectator – Doug Bandow)

Washington State Enters New Era of Liquor Privatization

(Reason Foundation – Leonard Gilroy)

North Carolina parents poised to regain control of kids’ school lunches

(Daily Caller – Meagan Clark) *Must Read*

Federal Reserve Orders Bloomberg Ban

(Forbes – Daniel Shuchman)

Higher Education’s Online Revolution

(Wall Street Journal – John Chubb and Terry Moe)

GM Makes Undisclosed $600K Deal with CFO’s Wife’s Ad Agency

(Breitbart – Seton Motley)

Better Schools, Fewer Dollars, We can improve education without busting the budget.

(City Journal – Marcus A. Winters)

End Handouts for Illegals, The IRS is failing to stop rampant abuse of the child tax credit.

(National Review – David Vitter)

The Grand Theme of Governing

(American Thinker – Bruce Walter)

Walmart Dumps Conservative Group ALEC After 19 Years

(The Blaze – Becket Adams)

As Dragon capsule splashes down, SpaceX begins to convert skeptics

(Christian Science Monitor – Pete Spotts)

Is Obama’s Use Of Drones Just To Look Tough?

(Investor’s Business Daily – Charles Krauthammer)

Jim Rogers: ‘If You Are Not Worried About 2013, Please — Get Worried’

(Money News – Forrest Jones and Kathleen Walter)

Third-World traffic court

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Sean Eckenrod)

Republicans make new offer in student loan stalemate

(Los Angeles Times – Lisa Mascaro)

Washington Times violates courthouse photo prohibition

(Washington Post – Erik Wemple) *Bonus Story*

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by Tom Brown

Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief and Owner of Rebellion News. Tom also hosts The Tom Brown Show on WEZS 1350AM in Laconia, NH.

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