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Today’s Rebellion News – November 19th 2011

Posted by Editor in Chief
November 18th, 2011

Rising debt, rising China

(Washington Times – Reince Priebus) *Lead Story*

No Surprises There: Obama’s USDA Punts On Yet Another Domestic Energy Project

(Townhall – Erika Johnsen) *Must Read*

Treasury Admits What Everybody Already Knew: Taxpayer Losses On GM Bailout Are Going to be Massive

(Reason Magazine – Shikha Dalmin)

Job Losses and Business Startups Hit Record Lows

(National Review – James Sherk)

A Rationing Advocate to Head Social Security Advisory Board?

(American Spectator – David Catron)

Mitt Romney quietly solidifying support in Iowa

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Salena Zito)

Zogby: GOP voters ‘don’t like the dog food,’ make Ron Paul early-state contender

(Daily Caller – Steven Nelson)

What Herman Cain’s 2012 run has already accomplished

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Kyle Wingfield)

Don’t Ditch Taiwan

(The American – Michael Mazza)

The U.S. Is Strong Enough To Stand Up For Vulnerable Countries

(Investor’s Business Daily – Victor Davis Hanson)

Hey Obama: Gas Up and Go

(CNS News – Dan Gainor)

TX Judge Rules Warrantless Acquisition of Cell Phone Records Unconstitutional

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas)

On Thursday, Americans got a clear a view of the Obama philosophy of government.

(Wall Street Journal – Kimberley A. Strassel)

Your Doctor’s Report Card

(Washington Policy Center – Robert Stark, MD) *Must Read*

Even when broke, America can find cool ways to kill you

(National Post – Matt Gurney)

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by Tom Brown

Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief and Owner of Rebellion News. Tom also hosts The Tom Brown Show on WEZS 1350AM in Laconia, NH.

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