Today’s Rebellion News – November 26th 2012

‘Fiscal cliff’ negotiations stall — again — on question of raising tax rates

(Washington Times – Dave Boyer) *Lead Story*

Top nuke watchdog hacked by pro-Iran group

(Washington Free Beacon – Adam Kredo) *Must Read*

Supreme Court revives challenge to President Obama’s healthcare law

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

Is Genetically Modified Food Killing Us?

(Daily Reckoning – Alex Daley)

Toomey Added as Co-Sponsor of DeMint Bill to Investigate Attacks on U.S. Missions

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

Coming to a school cafeteria checkout near you: palm scanners

(Daily Caller – Eric Owens)

‘New Normal’ Of The U.S. Economy Dumbs Down Excellence

(Investor’s Business Daily – J.T. Young)

More Democrats Willing to Go Over ‘Fiscal Cliff’

(Newsmax – Stephen Feller)

Just Say No to Dumb Gun Laws

(Daily Beast – Megan McArdle) *Must Read*

Panetta reveals disgust for Law of the Sea opponents in speech

(Human Events – Hope Hodge)

After reelection, Obama revolving door spins even faster

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Tech Companies, Advocacy Groups Prepare to Take Final Stand Against U.N.’s Proposed Internet Control Treaty

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas)

Senate Majority Leader Reid Threatens To End Filibustering

(Breibart – Ben Shapiro)

McGurn: How Obama’s ‘Life of Julia’ Prevailed

(Wall Street Journal – William McGurn)

Where the Conservative Media Went Wrong

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

The Giant Sucking Sound Is Hostess Jobs Moving to Mexico (And Media Give Democrat Private Equity a Pass)

(Forbes – Paul Roderick Gregory)

Can people record police officers? Illinois ban gets no help at Supreme Court.

(Christian Science Monitor – Mark Guarino)

There are plenty of jobs in manufacturing, but too few people with the necessary skills.

(National Review – Jillian Kay Melchior)

A new Gilded Age? The story about inequality the media isn’t telling you

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Republicans Softening Tone on Susan Rice

(Townhall – Kevin Glass) *Must Read*

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