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Today’s Rebellion News – September 26th 2013

White House dismisses evidence of economic harm of Obamacare

(Daily Caller – Neil Munro) *Lead Story*

Obama’s “impassioned defense” of the ACA: Republicans and Fox News are “poisoning” the law

(Hot Air -  Erika Johnsen) *Must Read*

Florida Woman Marissa Alexander Who Fired Warning Shot Gets New Trial Instead of 20 Years Prison

(Reason – Brian Doherty)

Senate Democrat Joe Manchin breaks with White House on Obamacare delay

(Washington Times – Seth McLaughlin)

Dues case targets unions’ easy reach for cash

(Human Events – Steven Greenhut)

Is Progressivism Derailing School Reform?

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Complaint filed with NLRB over ‘misleading tactics’ that could lead to backdoor unionization

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill McMorris)

Obama Aide Compares Republicans to Suicide Bombers

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson) *Must Read*

U.S. spy chiefs want to expand domestic surveillance programs

(Washington Examiner -  Steve Contorno)

Obama Approval Rating Hits Two-Year Low

(Breitbart – Tony Lee)

Is Iranian News Outlet More Believable than CNN?

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

AL Public Health Clerk Stole 1,000 Patient Identities For $1.7M Tax Refund Scam – See more at:

AL Public Health Clerk Stole 1,000 Patient Identities For $1.7M Tax Refund Scam

(CNS News – Alissa Tabirian)

Dem senator hints that NSA tracked locations for millions of cellphones

(The Hill -  Brendan Sasso)

Should American Taxpayers Pay a $1 Billion Bribe to Get Syria to Drop Chemical Weapons?

(Townhall – Daniel J. Mitchell)

12 True Tales of NSA Cyber Stalking

(Wired – Kevin Poulsen) *Must Read*

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