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Today’s Rebellion News – March 29th 2015

84d91f8b-d498-4620-9622-55ceac4dc4c4Not The Onion: ‘The Gov’t Employees Can’t Watch Porn At Work’ Legislation Passes Oversight Committee
(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)
*Lead Story*

Hillary: The Democrats’ Nixon
(National Review – John Fund)
*Must Read*

China Still Can’t Frack
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

On the truth of man’s rights under natural law
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

Bashar Assad to ’60 Minutes’: ISIS Not Being Beaten
(Newsmax – Greg Richter)

Five things that could kill Internet rules
(The Hill – Julian Hattem)

China Pledges ‘Radical’ Moves To Open Capital Account In 2015
(Forbes – Gordon G. Chang)

So What Really Did Happen to Harry Reid?
(PJ Media – Michael Walsh)

Mayors of Two Major U.S. Cities Ban Municipal Employees From Publicly Funded Travel to Indiana
(The Blaze – Dave Urbanski)

606x404-eb95f34af4dea5a7dbcf6d54b5178ca3Iran deal ‘doable,’ Iranian negotiator says
(Washington Examinor – Ethan Barton)
*Must Read*

Media Matters Prepares To Push Hillary’s Campaign Narrative
(Breitbart – Warner Todd Huston)

Arab allies wage war in Yemen with U.S. weapons, without American leadership
(Washington Times – Rowan Scarborough)

China Grows Hostile To American Businesses
(investor’s Business Daily – Arthur Herman)

Obamacare Is Still Failing Five Years Later
(Real Clear Politics – Jack Kelly)

Report: Arctic oil drilling needed now to sustain U.S. energy security
(Fuel Fix – Jennifer A. Dlouhy)

Extreme violence against Republicans in SNL cold open last night
(American Thinker – Thomas Lifson)

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Today’s Rebellion News – June 4th 2012

Obama Praises Taxpayer-Backed Loans That Benefit Boeing and Dow Chemical

(CNS News – Fred Lucas) *Lead Story*

Investigation Reveals AFL-CIO, SEIU in Bed with JP Morgan Chase

(Breitbart – Peter Schweizer and Wynton Hill) *Must Read*

As Obama pushes Paycheck Fairness Act, businesses worry about ‘unlimited’ lawsuit liability

(Daily Caller – Caroline May)

Does Ron Paul want his supporters to cool it?

(Christian Science Monitor – Peter Grier)

Bobby Jindal’s Budget Blind Spot

(American Spectator – Scott McKay)

If Walker Wins, What Are the Lessons?

(National Review – John Fund)

The end of cheap oil?

(The American – Kenneth P. Green) *Must Read*

George Soros: Godfather of the Left

(Media Research Center – Dan Gainer and Iris Somberg)

Obama’s lame-duck plan to pass cap and trade

(Washington Examiner – Conn Carroll)

A grim jobs report for America

(Human Events – Larry Kudlow)

Obamacare Killing Affordable Student Insurance

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Midway at 70, The perils of looking weak

(New York Post – Arthur Herman)

Add Disability to Obama’s Anti-Jobs Policies

(Forbes – Paul Roderick Gregory)

Internal Polls: Wisc. GOP Could Lose Control of State Senate Tomorrow—Reclaim It in November

(Weekly Standard – John McCormack)

Russian Dupes Behind Bilderberger Protests

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

NJ Drivers Can Be Ticketed $1,000 for Not ‘Restraining’ Animals in the Car

(The Blaze – Erica Ritz)

Taos, NM Police continue probe into political sign fracas

(Taos News – Chandra Johnson)

A Medical Innovator For How Long?

(Investor’s Business Daily – John J. Castellani)

Biden Spends $1 Million Annually for Weekend Trips

(Newsmax – Ronald Kessler) *Must Read*

The Gas Station of the Future Just Opened

(Business Week – Karen E. Klein)

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Today’s Rebellion News – December 13th 2011

The Law’s New Eye in the Sky

(Wall Street Journal – Ana Campoy) *Lead Story*

Will Obama veto the defense authorization bill?

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey) *Must Read*

Rep. Burgess on light bulbs: When choices are limited ‘people are going to start paying attention’

(Daily Caller – Caroline May)

Former Iranian militant visits White House with Iraq leader

(Washington Times – Ashish Kumar Sen)

Gingrich Is Smarter than the News Media

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Changing Views on Growth and Economic Recovery

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Americans Should Fear Dodd-Frank, Not Free Markets

(Investor’s Business Daily – Nicole Gelinas)

Putin’s peril — and ours. Endangered despot lashes out.

(New York Post – Arthur Herman)

Five myths about Ron Paul

(Washington Post – Nick Gillespie)

German Greens Dream Big: Too Big?

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Michael Savage Offers Newt Gingrich One Million Dollars to Drop Out of Race

(The Blaze – Tiffany Gabbay)

Common Core Standards allow Washington state to supplement only 15% of curriculum standards

(Washington Policy Center – Liv Finne)

The Excellence Gap. Our public schools are shortchanging their best students.

(City Journal – Sol Stern)

Gingrich Hits Romney from the Left

(Weekly Standard – Fred Barnes) *Must Read*

Obama’s depressing parallels with FDR

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Ralph R. Reiland)

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Aug 5th 2011

Stocks: Worst day since 2008 financial crisis

(CNN Money – Annalyn Censky) *Lead Story*

Wiedemer: Get Ready for Second Recession, Inflation

(Newsmax – Jim Meyers and Ashley Martella) *Must Read*

A Good Debtor

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Obama’s discretionary jobs crisis, Looking for work? EPA plans to send you company

(Washington Times – John Engler)

Blame It on Fox News: The New Liberal Campaign to Close Down the Network

(Pajamas Media – Ron Radosh)

Doing Without Sermons From Master Of Invective

(Investor’s Business Daily – Victor Davis Hanson) *Must Read*

Tax Reform’s Moment?

(Wall Street Journal – Stephen Moore)

San Francisco seeks to censor the Internet

(Washington Examiner – Matt Bowman)

Will China really buy UK’s mothballed aircraft carrier?

(American Thinker – James G. Wiles)

Sapping America’s ability to fight

(New York Post – Arthur Herman) *Must Read*

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February 23rd 2011

Obama’s agenda faces governors’ revolt

(Washington Examiner – Noemie Emery) *Lead Story*

Wisconsin Students: Dunces and Dupes

(Human Events – Jason Mattera) *Must Read*

Exodus: Dems trigger Statehouse showdown

(Indianapolis Star – Mary Beth Schneider)

The Showdown Over Public Union Power

(Wall Street Journal – Steven Malanga)

SCOTT: Florida ups the Wisconsin ante,Cuts government, reforms unions and slashes taxes, aiming for growth

(Washington Times – Gov. Rick Scott) *Must Read*

NBC’s Mitchell Regurgitates Gaddafi Lies

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

How to stamp out the Somali pirates

(New York Post – Arthur Herman)

Lawsuit: ‘Honor killings’ OK by Michigan Shariah, Plaintiffs challenge city’s official cooperation with Islamic interests

(WorldNetDaily – Bob Unruh)

Inflation’s worst consequence

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Donald J. Boudreaux)

HHS uses Recovery Act money to fund New York City’s anti-obesity campaign

(Daily Caller – Amanda Carey) *Must Read*

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