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Posts Tagged ‘Barry Rubin’

Today’s Rebellion News – July 8th 2013

Pentagon’s civilian furloughs to save $1.8 billion

(Washington Times – Kristina Wong) *Lead Story*

Judge: Lawsuit alleging illegal NSA spying may continue

(CNET – Declan McCullagh) *Must Read*

What’s Really Behind the Rumor That DHS Is Bringing ’15,000 Russian Soldiers’ Onto U.S. Soil?

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas)

The ObamaCare exchange singularity

(Human Events – John Hayward)

Washington’s debate over student loans ignores the underlying problem: Lack of innovation

(AEI Ideas – Arthur C. Brooks)

Former MSNBC producer slams network for playing lapdog to Obama

(Daily Caller – William Green)

Chevy Volt Heads for Fiery Crash

(Townhall – John Ransom) *Must Read*

Get Smart

Get Smart

(CNS News – Jen Kuznicki)

Court found fire-spouting hose to be a hoax created for publicity

(Washington Free Beacon – Lachlan Markay)

Obama to Use Google and Campaign Model to Make Gov’t Smarter

(Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper)

Incompetent IRS Accidentally Releases Social Security Numbers

(American Spectator – Kaylin Bugos)

Will US-EU trade talks spur growth – or show globalization’s limits?

(Christian Science Monitor – Sara Miller Llana)

Sens. Paul and McCain Agree, We Should Cut Off Foreign Aid to Egypt

(Reason – Matthew Feeney)

Dick Durbin: Congress Should Decide Who Qualifies for First Amendment Freedoms

(NewsBusters – Matthew Sheffield)

To save faltering health care law, Obama hires drug & hospital lobbyist

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Feds add Greek yogurt to school lunches

(The Hill – Julian Hattem)

It’s Time To Sequester Green Energy Subsidies, Not Mythical Oil And Gas Tax Breaks

(Forbes – Larry Bell)

Obama’s Middle East Policy Revealed? Administration Makes Stunning Statement

(PJ Media – Barry Rubin)

Gallup: Fox News Leading Single Source for News

(Newsmax – Jim Meyers)

Charter Schools and Their Enemies

(City Journal – Marcus A. Winters)

Green Dreams in America, Coal in Africa

(National Review – Robert Bryce) *Must Read*

Polling Shows That Sources Of Racism Are Now Reversed

(Investor’s Business Daily – Thomas Sowell)

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Today’s Rebellion News – April 3rd 2012

Obama massages editors, Supreme Court watchers, boasts ‘centrist positions’

(Daily Caller – Neal Munro) *Lead Story*

House GOP subpoenas Obama administration on oil drilling

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan) *Must Read*

Obama: Press Has Been Too Balanced in Covering Budget Debate

(CNS News – Fred Lucas)

Department of Energy allowed light bulb manufacturer to skirt the rules in L Prize competition, documents suggest

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill McMorris)

AP Chairman Comes Close to Endorsing Obama

(Accuracy in Media – Roger Aronoff)

Billions Lost in Tax-Refund Scam

(Wall Street Journal – Reed Albertgotti)

Canada has oil, the U.S. needs oil. You’d think it would be easy from there.

(National Post – Kelly McParland)

Obama and the mother of all tyrannies, ObamaCare

(Human Events – David Harsanyi)

Unions Plan to Train 100,000 Occupy Protesters

(Townhall – Katie Pavlich) *Must Read*

In Wisconsin, Mitt Romney is running against Obama, not Rick Santorum

(Christian Science Monitor – Mark Guarino)

Strapped States Hit Priceline And Gift Cards With Desperation Taxes

(Forbes – Addison Wiggin)

Huckabee Stars in RINO Radio

(American Spectator – Jeffrey Lord)

The Facts Behind EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations

(Reason Foundation – Adam Peshek)

Does the West Have to Be So Weak on Syria … and Everywhere Else?

(PJ Media – Barry Rubin)

Stanford’s Lazear: US Suffering Worst Economic Recovery in History

(Money News – Forrest Jones)

MILLER: D.C. resists correcting gun laws

(Washington Times – Emily Miller)

“Fair to say Palin has been used sparingly on ‘Today’”

(Hot Air – Tina Korbe)

Dallas Fed President: Break up the Banks, End ‘Too Big to Fail’

(The Blaze – Becket Adams)

Gene Simmons backs Romney, says he regrets voting for Obama in 2008

(The Hill – Adele Hampton)

Federal judge says N.C. can’t ban all citizens’ guns during emergencies

(Winston-Salem Journal – Wesley Young) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – January 3rd 2011

Santorum vows end to blaming Obama once in White House

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan) *Lead Story*

Dysfunctional Government or Corrupt Media?

(Accuracy in Media – Roger Aronoff) *Must Read*

Establishment GOPers have surrendered to more than big government

(Washington Examiner – Mark J. Fitzgibbons)

Could You Be A Criminal? US Supports UN Anti-Free Speech Measure

(Forbes – Abigail R. Esman)

More proof of redistricting manipulation by Democrats

(Human Events – Steven Greenhut)

Energy tax cuts don’t work

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Nicolas Loris)

The NDAA’s historic assault on American liberty

(Guardian UK – Jonathan Turley) *Must Read*

Will 2012 Be Our 1979?

(National Review – Victor Davis Hanson)

Communist Party Targets Veterans for Recruitment: How Will Their Skills be Used?

( – Trevor Loudon)

The Graduate: Why Should Everyone Else Pay for Other People’s Dumb (and Hedonistic) Career Choices

(PJ Media – Barry Rubin)

2012 could be the year Germany lets the euro die

(Daily Telegraph UK – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)

Supreme Court case involving Idaho lake house ignites conservative cause against EPA

(Washington Post – Robert Barnes)

No more snowplows or icy roads?

(Globe and Mail – Neil Reynolds) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – November 25th 2011

Front-runner Gingrich gets immigration grief

(Washington Examiner – Byron York) *Lead Story*

McCaskill asks for investigation into Obama administration’s sole-source vaccine contract

(Daily Caller – Will Rahn) *Must Read*

Obama steers clear of deficit panel failure

(Washington Times – Dave Boyer)

Minnesota governor orders unionization of child care providers

(Hot Air – Tina Korbe)

NBC apologizes to Bachmann over song

(CNN – Kevin Bohn)

Thanksgiving is Due to the Fact that–Up Until Recently–America Preferred Balance to Statism

(PJ Media – Barry Rubin) *Must Read*

Patently American, How the U.S. can sharpen its innovative edge

(City Journal – Guy Sorman)

Death of a currency as eurogeddon approaches

(Daily Telegraph UK – Jeremy Warner)

No recess from French as Montreal schools to scan playground chatter

(National Post – Graeme Hamilton)

Leaked: Company Guidelines for How Cops Can Access Your Private Online Accounts

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – October 13th 2011

Gunwalker is only the tip of a scandal iceberg

(Washington Times – Robert Farago) *Lead Story*

The Iran Terror Plot Crisis: Big Trouble for Obama

(Pajamas Media – Barry Rubin) *Must Read*

Poll: Cain leads Republican field

(Daily Caller – Alexis Levinson)

Hatch: Obamacare Reg Would Force Religious Employers to Provide Abortifacients

(CNS News – Erick Hamme)

The Unsinkable Mitt Romney

(Wall Street Journal – Daniel Henninger) *Must Read*

Are Democrats Eyeing 401(k)s, IRAs for Tax Hit?

(Investor’s Business Daily – John Merline)

Abdulmutallab pleads guilty, warns U.S. of ‘day of judgment’

(Detroit News – Robert Snell and George Hunter)

Renewable Lies

(Energy Tribune – Andres Cala)

Australian carbon tax one step closer to becoming law

(Irish Times – Padraig Collins) *Must Read*

The Trouble With Muslim Democracy

( – Daniel Greenfield)

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