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Tonight on The Tom Brown Show 7-23-2015

659184a41c5f6caab90d77df162290bbBaruch Feigenbaum, Transportation Policy Analyst, Reason Foundation joins the show at 9pm ET.

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Today’s Rebellion News – November 23rd 2012

One Third of Schools Receiving Stimulus-Funded ‘Student Improvement Grants’ Showed Declines

(CNS News – Susan Jones) *Lead Story*

The GOP and Racism, Yet Again

(National Review – Jonah Goldberg) *Must Read*

Washington Post Suspects Racism In GOP Opposition To Rice Nomination

(NewsBusters – Mark Finkelstein)

Black Friday politics: Do some stores lean Democratic or Republican?

(Christian Science Monitor – Peter Grier)

Jeb Bush said to be considering 2016 run

(Daily Caller – Alex Pappas)

Keystone XL approval is critical for America’s energy future

(Human Events – Michael Whatley)

Union-Backed Walmart Work Action a Fizzle

(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

In one chart, here’s why taxpayers should be skeptical of more infrastructure spending

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Game of Thrones: Useless Provocation Edition

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

United Nations: Give Us Drones!

(Townhall – Kate Hicks) *Must Read*

Retailers pressure Congress to tax next ‘Cyber Monday’

(The Hill – Brendan Sasso)

Egypt Presidential Decree Sparks Protests

(Wall Street Journal – Sam Dagher)

Democrats Groom the Mentally Disabled to Vote

(Newsmax – David Horowitz)

Safety or scam? Red light cameras under scrutiny

(CBS News – Anna Werners)

Post Finally Digs into Growing Petraeus Scandal

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Wind Power Fiasco: Call Your Congressman

(American Thinker – Norman Rogers)

Hispanics favor Dems but didn’t decide election

(Washington Examiner – Byron York)

Missouri Refuses to Fund Medicaid Expansion Under Obamacare

(Breitbart – Ben Shapiro)

How Hollywood butchered a cult classic to appease China

(Washington Free Beacon – Sonny Bunch)

Feds to Designate 9.6 Million Acres as ‘Critical Habitat’ for Spotted Owl

(The Blaze – Erica Ritz)

10 is Enough (Years for TSA): How to Provide Better Airport Security at a Lower Cost

( – Baruch Feigenbaum) *Must Read*

White House rethinking that corporate-funding ban for Obama’s inauguration

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

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Today’s Rebellion News – October 24th 2012

State Dept. Email to White House at 6:07 PM on 9/11/12: ‘Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack’

(CNS News – Terence P. Jeffrey) *Lead Story*

Obama’s National Labor Board denies Iowa nurses right to remove union

(Human Events – Fred Wszolek)

Boeing Has Perfected A Missile That Wipes Out Electronics And Leaves Everything Else Intact

(Business Insider – Robert Johnson) *Must Read*

Trump offers $5 million for Obama college, passport records

(Daily Caller – Alex Pappas)

U.S., South Korea eye closer military cooperation

(Washington Times – Kristina Wong)

Obama Refused to Give Interview to Colorado Springs Newspaper

(Breitbart – Tony Lee)

New O’Keefe Video Shows Dem. Congressman’s Son Apparently Advising How to Commit Voter Fraud

(The Blaze – Madeleine Morganstern)

Obama’s bid to school Romney on the military backfires big-time

(Investor’s Business Daily – Andrew Malcolm)

Fracking Brings Manufacturing Back to Rust Belt

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Energy Is Everywhere

(The American – Kenneth P. Green) *Must Read*

Chicago Transit Authority misrepresented bus mileage, got millions in extra fed funds, watchdog says

(Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Evans)

QE Part III, Peanuts Edition: Ben Bernanke As Lucy Van Pelt

(Forbes – Louis Woodhill)

White House visitors log a list of union leaders, lobbyists

(Watchdog – Kelly Carson)

Some Fact Checkers Are Better Than Others

(Weekly Standard – Mark Hemingway)

Why aren’t we debating the Canada-China investment pact?

(Globe and Mail – Lawrence Martin)

U.N. calls for ‘anti-terror’ Internet surveillance

(CNET – Declan McCullagh)

Freight Monorail is not Realistic for U.S.

(Reason Foundation – Baruch Feigenbaum)

Benghazi: The Real Libya Story Is No Story

(National Journal – Michael Hirsh)

GOP threatens subpoenas in probe of Obama healthcare law PR campaigns

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

Former Obama security adviser: “We’re probably right back where we were three, four years ago” in Mideast

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 17th 2012

Senators debate security of electricity grid

(Washington Times – Shaun Waterman) *Lead Story*

TSA hasn’t yet complied with order to start public discussion on body scanners

(Daily Caller – Alex Pappas) *Must Read*

Big Business vs the grassroots in New Hampshire

(Hot Air –  Dustin Siggins)

David Axelrod Spins “Felon or Liar” Tactic about Romney on CNN

(Accuracy in Media – Don Irvine)

China shows off second new stealth jet development in two years

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz) *Must Read*

Cambodia Rules The Waves, And China Cheers

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

‘Where Is the Press With the Outrage?’ This Major Financial Scandal Has Santelli Up in Arms

(The Blaze – Becket Adams)

The Dangerous Myth About The Bill Clinton Tax Increase

(Forbes – Charles Kadlec)

Streetsblog Should be Careful Throwing Stones from its Glass House

(Reason – Baruch Feigenbaum)

Obama Turns Back the Clock on Welfare Reform

(Townhall – Guy Benson)

Senate sees stalemate on flame-retardant furniture safety regs

(The Hill – Erik Wasson)

The Incredible Bain Jobs Machine

(Wall Street Journal – Andy Kessler)

DOJ cracks down on Medicaid fraud scheme as big as Solyndra

(Washington Examiner – Joel Gehrke)

Clover Conditioning

(American Interest – Eric Peters)

Obama: The Shaq of Spending

(Daily Reckoning –  Joel Bowman)

Pentagon warns that US faces IED threat at home

(Christian Science Monitor – Anna Mulrine)

Americans Joining Disability Now Outpacing Americans Finding Jobs

(Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper)

Chevy Volt Makes NO Money, Costs Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Car

(NewsBusters – Seton Motley)

‘Green’ Policies Depriving CA Cities of Energy Industry Jobs

(Breitbart – Tony Lee) *Must Read*

Air Quality and Economic Innovation: You Didn’t Do That

(Washington Policy Center – Todd Myers)

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Today’s Rebellion News – June 11th 2012

‘Constitutional, But Not Wise’: House Strikes Down ObamaCare 244-185

(PJ Media  – Bridget Johnson) *Lead Story*

Obama grants DHS power to takeover commercial, private communications in emergency

(Daily Caller – Josh Peterson) *Must Read*

U.N. finalizing arms treaty to regulate weapons transfers worldwide

(Hot Air – Erica Johnsen)

Bridge to Nowhere Champion Secures Funding for Railroad to Nowhere

(Reason Foundation – Baruch Feigenbaum)

Offshore drilling under fire from latest energy plan

(Human Events – Audrey Hudson)

California Demon

(American Spectator – John H. Fund)

‘Micro-unit’ me out of Manhattan

(New York Post – Karol Markowicz)

Wayne LaPierre to UN: Americans Will Never Surrender the Second Amendment

(Townhall – Katie Pavlich)

And the Regulatory State Drones On

(The American – Blake Hurst) *Must Read*

Dem. Chair Invested in Swiss Banks, Foreign Drug Companies, and the State Bank of India

(Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper)

WaPo’s Pearlstein Insists Romney Guilty of Outsourcing, Despite His Paper Debunking Such Claims

(NewsBusters – Kyle Drennen)

Five More Companies Abandon Conservative Group ALEC

(The Blaze – Becket Adams)

If Big Money In Politics Offends You, Then You Must Loathe Labor Unions

(Forbes – Kyle Smith)

Confidence in Television News Sinks To a New Low

(Accuracy in Media – Don Irvine)

McConnell Offers Senate Vote on Tax Rates

(Wall Street Journal – Naftali Bendavid)

When corporate welfare is illegal — the ‘Gift Clause’

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Palestinian Authority president stealing millions in aid, Middle East experts say

(Washington Free Beacon – Adam Kredo)

US quietly prepares for naval clash with Iran in Strait of Hormuz

(Christian Science Monitor – Anna Mulrine)

San Bernardino, CA Will Become Second Largest U.S. City To File For Bankruptcy

(Breitbart – Tony Lee)

Romney courts black voters at NAACP gathering

(Washington Times – Seth McLaughton)

More Credit to “Contain the Depression”

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner) *Must Read*

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