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Today’s Rebellion News – July 24th 2014

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

koskinen_hd_scratchHard-drive scratch deejays of the IRS
(Human Events – John Hayward)
*Lead Story*


Russia firing artillery into Ukraine: Pentagon
(Washington Times – Maggie Ybarra)
*Must Read*

Police Chief Charged With Signing Up Tea Party Leader on Gay Porn Sites
(CNS News – Paul Lagarde)

DHS Anticipated 60,000 Illegal Child Border Crossers in January
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

Economic Growth Is Slow Because Politicians Keep Trying To Help
(Forbes – Jeffrey Dorfman)

Today’s News of Fresh Disaster Sponsored by Time-Warner-CNN-HBO
(PJ Media – Ed Driscoll)

Donor to Obama and father of FCC commissioner gets profitable telecom waiver from group
(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Shaneen Allen, race and gun control
(Washington Post – Radley Balko)

Iraq Uses Influence to Thwart Kurdish Oil Sales
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

IRS: Uninsured face fine of nearly $2,500
(The Hill – Ferdous Al-Faruque)

NY Times Decries ISIS’s ‘Brutal Crackdown’ on Iraqi Christians; Big Three Networks Yawn
(NewsBusters – Matthew Balan)

Arcade helps give PA borough extra life, but hefty tax could mean game over
(Watchdog – Andrew Staub)

Sen. Rand Paul Wants to Make it Harder for the Feds to Take Your Stuff
(Reason – Scott Shackford)

walter_reed_hospital_AFPCancer-Stricken Veteran Denied Benefits, Told to Get a Job by VA
(Breitbart – Warner Todd Huston)
*Must Read*


Report: White House To Release $34 Billion In New Regulations After Mid-Terms
(Daily Caller – Michael Bastasch)

‘It’s Ridiculous’: Why the State Ordered Co-Op to Dump 248 Gallons of Raw Milk and Toss 1,200 Organic Eggs
(The Blaze – Liz Klimas)

ISIS reportedly orders women and girls of Mosul to undergo ‘genital mutilation’
(Hot Air – Noah Rothman)

Left’s Latest Justification For Income Redistribution
(Investor’s Business Daily – J.T. Young)

Industry poll says Americans want more oil production, support offshore drilling
(Fuel Fix – Rhiannon Meyers)

Have a Drone? Check This Map Before You Fly It
(Wired – Betsy Mason)

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 14th 2014

Monday, July 14th, 2014

obamajpeg-05492_s160x115Obama slammed by black Chicago residents: ‘Worst president ever’
(Washington Times – Cheryl K. Chumley)
*Lead Story*

They Should Have Executed My Parents: Mom Arrested for Letting 9-year-old Loose at Playground
(PJ Media – Scott Ott)
*Must Read*

Study: Only executives get richer in crony capitalism
(Watchdog – M.D. Kittle)

Beyond guns, Operation Choke Point targets coin dealers, tobacco and pay day lenders
(Human Events – Neil W. McCabe)

Is the IRS scandal the ultimate test of the Constitution’s checks and balances?
(Washington Examiner – Mark Tapscott)

U.S. Has the Worst Health Care? Not By a Long Shot
(Forbes – Sally Pipes)

Eric Holder, America’s chief law enforcement official, tries to spark racial hatred
(Hot Air – Noah Rothman)

Modi Beefs Up Indian Military
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

NIH Spends $186K to Help Homeless Kick Smoking Habit
(CNS News – Melanie Hunter)

ABC, NBC Ignore Latest on VA Scandal; CBS Allows a Scant 21 Seconds
(NewsBusters – Scott Whitlock)

Free Countries Mock Their Presidents
(National Review – Charles C.W. Cooke)

Federal health authorities contain pneumonia, swine flu outbreaks among illegal children in California
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

Rand Paul vs. Rick Perry: Who’s winning?
(Christian Science Monitor – Peter Grier)

600x3783 reidGuess How Many Bills the Senate Has Actually Voted on This Year
(The Blaze – Pete Kasperowicz)
*Must Read*

Lois Lerner’s Former FEC Colleague Has Emails Go Missing Too
(Daily Caller – Chuck Ross)

May was another record-setting month for North Dakota oil as the state’s daily output topped 1M bbls. for second month
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

North Carolina Cop Admits in Court to Lying About 911 Call to Enter Home, Police Chief Shocked—Shocked—This Would Happen in His Department
(Reason – Ed Krayewski)

California Students Given Good Grades for Holocaust-Denial Essays
(Townhall – Christine Rousselle)

Study: Federal Reserve’s Radical Efforts Reduced Unemployment by a Whopping 0.13%
(Breitbart – Hunter Lewis)

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 4th 2014

Friday, July 4th, 2014

china_chines_submarine_s640x480Rising red tide: China’s Navy in frenzy to build new nuclear-powered attack subs
(Washington Times – Bill Gertz)
*Lead Story*

Duke Law professor calls for ‘real conflict’ in USA over inequality, climate change
(Hot Air – Noah Rothman)
*Must Read*

Palin on July 4th: Celebrate Independence, Not Gov’t
(Breitbart – Tony Lee)

California Highway Patrol Beats Barefoot Bag Lady
(Daily Caller – Chuck Ross)

Feds bring back loan guarantees for renewable energy
(Washington Examiner – Zach Colman)

Plastic Bag Fantasy Island Vanishes Like Atlantis, Scientist Corrects Million-Ton Floating Estimate
(PJ Media – Scott Ott)

Texas Celebrates Fourth of July By Ousting Corrupt UT Austin President
(Reason – Robby Soave)

20 Quotes On Liberty And Freedom In Honor Of Independence Day
(Forbes – Jeffrey Dorfman)

Independence Day
(RedState – Erick Erickson)

Rep. Michael McCaul: Military Bases Turning Into Refugee Camps
(Newsmax – Drew MacKenzie)

2013-01-05T222644Z_2_CBRE9041PIO00_RTROPTP_3_IRISH-RIOTSFreedom of Speech: Thank Goodness We Broke From England
(Townhall – Kevin Glass)
*Must Read*

Revenge: Republicans to Strip $341 Million From IRS in Response to Scandals
(The Blaze – Pete Kasperowicz)

The Forgotten Flag of the American Revolution and What It Means
(National Review – Daniel Hannan)

Ten quotes: Obama’s journey from ‘yes we can’ to ‘so sue me’
(The Hill – Peter Sullivan)

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 3rd 2014

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

w200-39a957d347df236eb96419e58dff469eHHS releases 1,296 pages of regulations ahead of holiday weekend
(Washington Examiner – Phillip Klein)
*Lead Story*

VA employees switched to processing ACA applications
(Hot Air – Bruce McQuain)
*Must Read*

Whistleblower Fights Back Against VA Hospital Over Secret Waiting Lists
(Daily Caller – Michael Volpe)

Record Number of Americans Not in Labor Force in June
(CNS News – Ali Meyer)

More on the Unaccompanied Alien Child health crisis
(Human Events – John Hayward)

Report: NSA tracking privacy software users
(The Hill – Julian Hattem)

Lefty Media Slam ‘Parasitic’ Ridesharing Companies Like Uber
(NewsBusters – Julia A. Seymour)

ISIS Owns More Strategic Territory Than You Think
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Regulator: EPA forcing wind power on ND, ‘we’re down to almost zero alternatives’
(Watchdog – Rob Port)

California bus saga suggests illegal immigration backlash is boiling over
(Christian Science Monitor – Daniel B. Wood)

22-raptor_s640x426U.S. Air Force deploys F-22 Raptors to Asia in show of force along China’s coast
(Washington Times – Bill Gertz)
*Must Read*

The Obamacare Subsidy Crisis
(Townhall – Kevin Glass)

Trade implications of the 2014 Farm Bill
(AEI Ideas – Vincent Smith)

Protestors: Comcast Not Paying Its ‘Fair Share’
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill McMorris)

Under the Good Jobs-Report Hood
(National Review – Larry Kudlow)

Not Yours To Give
(Daily Reckoning – David Crockett)

Did Federal Climate Scientists Fudge Temperature Data to Make It Warmer?
(Reason – Ronald Bailey)

The Student Debt Crisis Is Being Manufactured To Justify Debt Forgiveness
(Forbes – Jeffrey Dorfman)

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 1st 2014

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

U.S. Director of Exempt Organizations for the IRS Lerner is sworn in to testify before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in WashingtonLois Lerner And Fellow IRS Official Announced Targeting At 2010 Conference Before Both Of Their Emails Went Missing
(Daily Caller – Patrick Howley)
*Lead Story*

The Promise of Scottish Shale
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)
*Must Read*

Buffalo Makes Kindergarten Mandatory
(Reason – Brittany Ann Morrisey)

5 Tough Facts About Inflation and Fed Policy
(Newsmax – Peter Morici)

Five Eagles in Five Years, A wind farm can kill this many birds, the government says — and that’s sensible.
(National Review – Ian Tuttle)

Obama asks Cabinet for ‘creative’ use of executive powers
(The Hill – Justin Sink)

HHS Report: 1,295,571 Obamacare Enrollees May or May Not Be Legal Citizens
(Breitbart – Wynton Hall)

Is Your Local Police Force Using High-Tech Tracking? The Top Four Terms You Need to Know
(The Blaze – Elizabeth Kreft)

89 Percent of Network Stories Omit Obama’s Role in Causing Border Crisis
(NewsBusters – Geoffrey Dickens)

w200-n_a86a2a83a1a71e6f9d33961906eecee1The Left tramples religious beliefs on contraception
(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)
*Must Read*

Flood of illegal immigrants coming to a neighborhood near you
(Watchdog – Tori Richards)

The Fed should focus on boosting growth
(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Towns can ban fracking, New York’s top court rules
(Christian Science Monitor – Henry Bruinius)

How Obama plays us time and time again
(Investor’s Business Daily – Andrew Malcolm)

Andrew Hemingway: A Millennial Governor in N.H.?
(Real Clear Politics – Scott Conway)

Crews already removing red light cameras
(KCCI TV – Todd Magel)

CIA blew it in Iraq, blamed for failing to warn about rise of Islamic State
(Washington Times – Bill Gertz)

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