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Today’s Rebellion News – February 7th 2013

Posted by Editor in Chief
February 7th, 2013

Defense, military chiefs criticized for failure to respond to Benghazi attack

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz) *Lead Story*

Panetta says he personally told Obama about Benghazi attack

(Washington Times – Guy Taylor) *Must Read*

Obama says his agenda will put Pelosi back in charge

(Daily Caller – Neil Munro)

“I’m Not a Lawyer”: Brennan’s Confirmation Obfuscations

(Townhall – Kevin Glass)

CBO Is Increasingly Skeptical About ObamaCare

(Real Clear Politics – Ben Domenech)

Bank of America: You Shouldn’t Be Selling Guns on the Internet

(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins)

Al Jazeera and the Global Jihad in America

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Texas Lawmaker’s Bill Puts Penny Per Ounce Tax On Sweet Drinks

(CNS News – Gregory Gwyn-Williams Jr)

California’s nickel-per-bullet tax will backfire

(Orange County Register – George Runner)

Major Networks Ignore News of Increased Costs of ObamaCare

(NewsBusters – Paul Bremmer)

The Bernanke Shock

(Daily Reckoning – Peter Schiff) *Must Read*

British Hospital Carnage a Window into US Future

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Ex-GOP Bad Boy Roger Stone Eyes Florida Run

(National Review – Robert Costa)

Does the US government really need a ‘Social, Behavioral and Economics Directorate’?

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Justice Sotomayor no longer backs television cameras in Supreme Court

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

What the Superdome Blackout Says About American Competitiveness

(Forbes – Thomas J. Basile)

Anti-Smart Meter Activists Fill City Council Meeting, Say City Broke Its Own Laws Arresting Two Women

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas)

GOP’s Mulvaney: Only Thing Worse Than Sequestration Cuts ‘Would Be No Cuts at All’

(Newsmax – John Bachman)

Japan Claims Russia Breached Its Airspace

(Wall Street Journal – Chester Dawson and Brian Spegele)

With public focused on jobs, Washington fights other fights

(Washington Examiner – Byron York)

Can GOP’s local success translate to the federal level?

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Jonah Goldberg) *Must Read*

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