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Today’s Rebellion News – December 12th 2016

Posted by Editor in Chief
December 12th, 2016

‘Another excuse’: Trump rips ‘ridiculous’ CIA report that Russia hacked election
(Washington Times – S.A. Miller and Rowan Scarborough)
*Lead Story*

Attacking Scott Pruitt As A Climate Change Denier Only Hurts Alarmists’ Crusade
(The Federalist – Daniel Payne)

Cruz plan would make super PACs ‘irrelevant’
(Washington Examiner – Al Weaver)

Diversity’s Killer Instinct
(PJ Media – Ashley Thorne)

No Wonder the Standing Rock Sioux Opposed the Pipeline
(National Review – Terry L. Anderson and Shawn Regan)

Donald Trump: Cost of F-35 Program ‘Out of Control’
(Breitbart – Charlie Spiering)

Rubin: ‘Frightful’ Trump Cabinet Are ‘Ignoramuses, Billionaires, Generals’
(NewsBusters – Brad Wilmouth)

FAKE NEWS FLASHBACK: Media Promoted Baseless Ted Cruz Mistress Story
(Daily Caller – Peter Hasson)

A 2-country, 2-transaction example to understand trade, trade deficits, capital flows, and the balance of payments
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

Federal judge dismissed Stein recount demand for PA
(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Sen. Mike Lee: One Proposed Regulation Could Kill 77,000 Mining Jobs
(CNS News – Penny Star)

Iran seals $17 billion Boeing deal, close to Airbus order
(Reuters – Tim Hepher and Sami Aboudi)

Dallas parking nannies are also watching your bedtime
(Watchdog – Erin Clark)
*Must Read*

$4 Billion Air Force One Nothing But a Clean-Energy Ruse
(Townhall – Bryan Crabtree)

Getting Beyond the Blame Game
(American Interest – Damir Marusic)

Is Your State Part of the War on Vaping?
(Reason – Eric Boehm)

McConnell rejects special panel for Russian election interference allegations
(The Hill – Alexander Bolton)

Did Chinese Money Fuel North Carolina Democrat Roy Cooper’s Gubernatorial Race?
(American Spectator – Breana Noble)

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