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Jan 19th 2010

Scott Brown Democrats hold key to Massachusetts

(Washington Examiner – Byron York)*Lead Story*

The uniter: Scott Brown’s center-right-indie coalition

(michellemalkin.com – Michelle Malkin)

U.S. Shifted Party, Not Ideology

(Wall Street Journal – Gerald F. Seid)

Obama’s EEOC Nominee: Society Should ‘Not Tolerate Private Beliefs’ That ‘Adversely Affect’ Homosexuals

(CNS News – Matt Cover)

Federal health care foes plot for state opt-outs

(Washington Times – Valerie Richardson)*Must Read*

We Must Protect Americans’ Right to Bear Arms

(Noozhawk Santa Barbara & Goleta – Daniel Petry)

Economic Breakdown on the Financial Highway

(The Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)*Must Read*

America Doesn’t Need a Health Insurance ‘Czar’

(Pajamas Media – Paul Hsieh)

Nightmare in Haiti: Officials Estimate 200,000 Dead, 1.5M Homeless

(Associated Press – Fox News)

Rising Anger Over Quake Aid As Marines Arrive

(Sky News UK – Rob Cole)*Must Read*

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