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July 10th 2011

Posted by Editor in Chief
July 10th, 2011

Boehner tells Obama ‘no’ on big debt deal

(Washington Time – Dave Boyer) *Lead Story*

Trailing G.O.P. With Cameras, Seeking Gaffes

(New York Times – Michael D. Shear) *Must Read*

Holder bragged about Operation Gunrunner in 2009

(Washington Examiner – Barbara Hollingsworth)

LA Sheriff’s Muslim Community Affairs Unit

(Family Security Matters – Alan Kornman)

Nanny-State Madness: Woman Faces Jail Over Veggie Garden

(The Blaze – Mike Opelka) *Must Read*

Judith LeBlanc: Top US “Peace” Activist and Communist Leader

( – Trevor Loudon)

Time to Ax Public Programs That Don’t Yield Results

(Time – Joe Klein)

Fifteen Silliest Uses Of Taxpayer Money

(Forbes – Sean Eichenberger)

The heartbreak of the last Space Shuttle flight

(Canada Free Press – Dr. lleana Johnson Paugh) *Must Read*

Phone hacking: British politics has been corrupted by a cosy camaraderie

(Daily Telegraph UK – Janet Daley)

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