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Posts Tagged ‘dick morris’

Sept 22st 2009

U.S. charges Obama fund-raiser in $290 million fraud

(Reuters – Grant McCool)

Young, Uninsured Turning Against Obamacare

(Newsmax – Dick Morris & Eileen McGann)

Harsh Realities Await as Obama Heads to United Nations

(CNS News – Patrick Goodenough)

States reassert their sovereignty

(Washington Examiner – Editorial)

The Death Spiral of the Islamic Republic III

(Pajamas Media – Michael Ledeen) *Must Read*

Jim Traficant Was Victim of Frame-Up

(American Free Press – Michael Collins Piper) *New Book*

Ron Paul: Leave Government Out Of Insurance Plan

(NPR – Guy Raz) *Audio Clip*

Black Sea Wars

(Townhall – Pat Buchanan)

Saying Goodbye to the Borrow and Spend Economy

(The Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Anti-Red Light Camera Rally Set For Tuesday

(Chicago Now – The Parking Ticket Geek)

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Sept 15th 2009

Third Videotape Reveals ACORN Assisting ‘Pimp,’ ‘Prostitute’ in Brooklyn, N.Y

(Fox News) *Video Clip*

Lefty crooks laugh at you

(New York Post – Charles Hunt)

Obama Speech Ignores Doctor Shortage Threat

(Newsmax –  Dick Morris & Eileen McGann)

The shameful non-coverage of 9/12

(WorldNetDaily – Joseph Farah)

Protectionism Wars Here We Come

(The Daily Reckoning – Chuck Butler)

A Protectionist President Like Hoover, Obama is abdicating U.S. trade leadership.

(The Wall Street Journal – Editorial) *Pro Free Trade*

Globalism vs. Americanism

(Townhall – Pat Buchanan) *Anti Free Trade*

Senate votes to deny funds to ACORN

(Associated Press – Andrew Taylor)

Coca-Cola Chief Says Soda-Tax Idea Is ‘Outrageous’

(Bloomberg – Duane D. Stanford)

ACORN isn’t the only organization fleecing taxpayers

(Washington Examiner – Marta Mossburg)

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Sept 10th 2009

US Girl Scouts prepare for war, pestilence


ACORN Turns in Florida Workers on Voter Fraud Charges

(Fox News – Cristina Corbin)

NY’s Tax-Funded Ex-Terrorist

(New York Post – Phil Kerpen)

Obama scaremongering ignores real alternatives

(The Washington Times – Editorial)

The ‘conservatives’ who hate us

(WorldNetDaily – Joseph Farah)

Doctor Shortage Will Worsen Health Bill Impact

(Newsmax – Dick Morris & Eileen McGann)

Pa. city blankets streets with security cameras

(Breitbart – Patrick Walters – AP)

Obama’s Health Care Pitch

(The Weekly Standard – Fred Barnes)

Court signals it may loosen campaign spending

(Townhall – Mark Sherman)

FACT CHECK: Obama uses iffy math on deficit pledge

(Associated Press – Calvin Woodward and Erica Werner)

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Sept 9th 2009

UN wants new global currency to replace dollar

(Telegraph UK – Edmund Conway)

US no longer world’s most competitive nation

(The Christian Science Monitor – Laurent Belsie)

The Blogger Who Nailed Van Jones

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid) *Must Read*

Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care

(The Wall Street Journal – Sarah Palin)

Bernie Kerik: The Trial of an American Hero

(Newsmax – Dave Eberhart & Jim Meyers)

Democrat Proposes Fines Up to $3,800 for Those Who Don’t Sign Up for Health Insurance

(Associated Press – Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar)

The Boomers are Out of Time – And Out of Money

(The Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

“Fees” Are Taxes and New Taxes Are Not the Answer

(The Heritage Foundation – Stuart Butler)

Democrats losing seniors

(The Hill – Dick Morris)

The convenient fantasies of President Obama

(Washington Examiner – Michael Barone)

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Sept 1st 2009

Enough is enough, Harry! Stop the childish bullying

(Las Vegas Review-Journal – Sherman Fredrick)

White House czar urged ‘resistance’ against U.S.

(WorldNetDaily – Aaron Klein)

Health Bill Breaches IRS Privacy

(Newsmax – Dick Morris & Eileen McGann)

Rangel should resign – Second brush with financial scandal should end his time in Congress

(Buffalo News – Editorial)

Federal Government Will Borrow 40 Percent of the Money It Spends Next Year, Says White House Report

(CNS News – Matt Cover)

Marxists everywhere!

(Premiere Radio Networks, Fox News – Glenn Beck) *Audio clip*

A Path to Fiscal Sanity

(National Review – Jagadeesh Gokhale)

Was Russia’s ‘Arctic Sea’ Carrying Missiles to Iran?

(Time – Simon Shuster)

Save the Light Bulb! Compact fluorescent don’t produce good quality light.

(The Wall Street Journal – Howard M. Brandston)

AFL-CIO, Dems push new Wall Street tax

(The Hill – Alexander Bolton)

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