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Today’s Rebellion News – July 3rd 2013

Posted by Editor in Chief
July 3rd, 2013

Egyptian military ousts Morsi as crowds celebrate

(Washington Times – Ashish Kumar Sen) *Lead Story*

Rep. Steve King: Obama Must ‘Come to Congress’ to Make ObamaCare Changes

(Breitbart – Dr. Susan Berry) *Must Read*

Great news: your ObamaCare subsidies might be gone, too

(Human Events – John Hayward)

Hours before delaying Obamacare, Sebelius spent $32 million on it

(Washington Examiner – Paul Bedard)

EPA Encourages Utility Controlled Refrigerators

(CNS News – Eric Scheiner)

How the Feds Track Your Snail Mail Too

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas) *Must Read*

Critics: Green Group Abuses EPA Public Petition Process

(Washington Free Beacon – Lachlan Markay)

It’s the ‘Independence’, Stupid

(PJ Media – Sc0tt Ott)

Justin Carter case: How one man’s Facebook ‘banter’ is another’s ‘threat’

(Christian Science Monitor – Stacy Teicher Khadaroo)

Networks See ‘Surprising’ ‘Setback’ With ObamaCare Delay, But Journalists Ignored Clues

(NewsBusters – Scott Whitlock)

France presses for delay in US-EU trade talks over NSA spying

(The Hill – Vicki Needham)

China Stumbles in Race to Catch Up to US Shale Boom

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Dick Durbin’s Independence Day Attack on New Media, Journalism

(Newsmax – William J. Kelly)

The Surveillance State Isn’t Coming—It’s Already Here

(Reason – J.D. Tuccille)

Bereft Of Any New Policy Ideas Since Vietnam, America’s Liberal Left Is Intellectually Bankrupt

(Forbes  – John Goodman)

After Taking the Fifth, Lois Lerner Wants Immunity Over IRS Scandal

(Townhall – Katie Pavlich)

Immigration and the Hastert Rule

(National Review – Jonathan Strong)

Greens Don’t Like Fracking because They Don’t Like Prosperity

(Family Security Matters – Daniel Hannan)

Electric vehicles “unclean at any speed”?

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

A Wobbly Table Built on Unsound Legs

(Daily Reckoning – Addison Wiggin) *Must Read*

You May Not Like Weev, But Your Online Freedom Depends on His Appeal

(Wired – Hanni Fakhoury)

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