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Today’s Rebellion News – May 7th 2013

Posted by Editor in Chief
May 7th, 2013

CIA says no Benghazi witnesses blocked from talking

(Washington Times – Guy Taylor and Shaun Waterman) *Lead Story*

Clinton’s Republican Guard

(PJ Media – Andrew C. McCarthy) *Must Read*

For Amanda Berry and other Cleveland victims, recovery begins with patience

(Christian Science Monitor – Mark Guarino)

Turning on Obama

(American Spectator – Ross Kaminsky)

Head Start versus ObamaCare

(Human Events – John Hayward) *Must Read*

Revealing New Statistics Seem to Debunk Key Claim Made by Gun Control Advocates

(The Blaze – Jason Howerton)

Ex-Im bank will not reduce financing as economy improves, bank’s president says

(Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Evans)

British Journalist Melanie Phillips: Environmentalists ‘Wrench’ Evidence to Fit Climate Conclusions

(NewsBusters – Liz Thatcher)

“Very junior senator” Ted Cruz really getting under skin of very senior Sen. Harry Reid

(Human Events – Mary Katharine Ham)

Feds Spend $402,721 on Underwear That Senses Cigarette Smoke

(CNS News – Elizabeth Harrington)

Drug company that supported Obamacare now says rebate plan could be ‘catastrophic’

(Daily Caller – Patrick Howley)

Rep. Mike Rogers to Pursue Charges, Urge FBI Investigation Into ‘Swatting’

(Breitbart – Kerry Picket)

Boehner says he ‘probably’ can’t support online sales tax bill

(The Hill – Bernie Becker)

NYT Pins Obamacare Hopes on Robbing the Young

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Pentagon: Cyber Espionage Fuels China’s Fast-Pace Military Expansion

(Townhall – Alicia Powe)

“A Pencil is Considered a Weapon When It’s Pointed at Someone in a Threatening Way and Gunlike Noises Are Made”

(Reason – Jesse Walker)

Louisiana Supreme Court strikes down state’s school voucher system

(Washington Examiner – Sean Higgins)

Thoughts On A Few Words That Stop People From Thinking

(Investor’s Business Daily – Thomas Sowell)

Internet tax bill targets all digital downloads

(CNET – Declan McCullagh) *Must Read*

The Tragedy of Climatism: Resource Misuse on a Global Scale – See more at:

South Korea: Close Friend Of The U.S., And A Defense Welfare Queen

(Forbes – Doug Bandow)

The Tragedy of Climatism: Resource Misuse on a Global Scale – See more at:

The Tragedy of Climatism: Resource Misuse on a Global Scale

(Energy Tribune – Steve Goreham)

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