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Today’s Rebellion News – December 26th 2012

Posted by Editor in Chief
December 26th, 2012

D.C. police investigating ‘Meet the Press’ incident

(Washington Times – Andrea Noble) *Lead Story*

Geithner: Treasury runs out of cash Monday

(Human Events – Neil W. McCabe) *Must Read*

Government Security is Just Another Kind of Violence

(Paul.House.Gov – Rep. Ron Paul)

ICE Scraps 287(g) Program That Allowed Local Police to Enforce Immigration Law

(CNS News – Susan Jones)

Illinois governor backs insurance ‘co-ops’ under healthcare law

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

Blogger Creates Interactive Map of Employees of Paper Which Published Names and Addresses of Pistol Permit Holders

(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer)

Germany ‘exporting’ old and sick to foreign care homes

(The Guardian UK – Kate Connolly)

Happy New Year, GOP! It May Be Your Last

(Forbes – James Poulos)

Blue California Takes a Flyer on Green Legislation

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Sharp criticism after New York newspaper publishes names of local gun owners

(Christian Science Monitor – Brad Knickerbocker)

The Bush tax cuts: Who benefits?

(AEI Ideas – Andrew Biggs)

Kwanzaa: Holiday Brought to You By The FBI

(Townhall – Ann Coulter)

The Multiple Distortions of Wind Subsidies

(Wall Street Journal – Phil Gramm)

Benghazi penalties “bogus,” officials returning to work?

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Rasmussen Survey: Recession Likely, Fiscal Cliff Deal or Not

(Money News – Forrest Jones)

What Will Be Consequences of ‘Going Over the Cliff’?

(Breitbart – Kerry Picket)

US lambasts China for breaches of trade rules

(Daily Telegraph UK –  Ambrose Evans- Pritchard)

Thanks To ObamaCare, Many Will Lose Health Coverage

(Investor’s Business Daily – Sally C. Pipes)

Protect Public Against Domestic Drone Spying, Says New York Times

(Reason – Ronald Bailey)

Newspaper sparks outrage for publishing names, addresses of gun permit holders

 (CNN – KC Maas and Josh Levs) *Must Read*

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