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Today’s Rebellion News – January 3rd 2016

Posted by Editor in Chief
January 3rd, 2017

Tech Company Casts Doubt On DHS/FBI Russian Hacking Report
(Daily Caller – Alex Pfeiffer)
*Lead Story*

How Establishment Republicans Anchored States to Common Core
(Breitbart – Dr. Susan Berry)

GM: Trump’s not totally right about the Cruze, or something
(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Retired City Manager Gets $216,000 Pension in City Where Average Family Makes $32,000
(Reason – Eric Boehm)

Assange: How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You WikiLeaks’ Source Wasn’t Russia?
(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)

Fake News: Wash Post Publishes Two Phony Russian Stories In One Month
(Daily Wire – John Nolte)

The next immigration fight: Cracking down on sanctuary colleges
(Washington Examainer – Pete Kasperowicz)

Obama’s Indifference to White “Deaths of Despair”
(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Pursuing porn in the Palmetto State
(Watchdog – Taylor Millard)

GOP Caucus Bucks Leadership to Strip Down Independent Ethics Office
(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

Five regulatory fights facing tech in 2017
(The Hill – Ali Breland)

WashPost Keeps Alive Russia-Grid Hacking Story Despite Spectacularly Falling Apart
(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer)

Democrats prepare for early ‘act of cowardice’ with GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare
(Washington Times – Tom Howell Jr. and Stephen Dinan)

It’s Worse Than Bush Derangement Syndrome
(Real Clear Politics – Bernard Goldberg)

As Top White House Economist, Kudlow Would Defend Free Trade and Drive Liberals Crazy
(Weekly Standard – Fred Barnes)

Youngest Big City Mayor Revolutionizes Healthcare Plan
(Newsmax – John Gizzi)

American Teens Applying En Masse to Canadian Colleges to Escape Donald Trump
(Heat Street – Emily Zanotti)

Chinese Information Warfare: The Panda That Eats, Shoots, and Leaves
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

Rand Paul wants to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately
(The Blaze – Brandon Morse)

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