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Oct 30th 2009

Posted by Editor in Chief
October 30th, 2009

The Pay Czar Is Unconstitutional

(Wall Street Journal – Michael W. McConnell) *Lead Story*

Gun rights organizations sue to stop Seattle gun ban

(KOMO News – Staff)

Save the planet? Kill cap-and-trade

(Washington Examiner – Editorial) *Must Read*

Harry Reid’s Sleight-of-Hand Healthcare Bill Tactics

(Newsmax – Dick Morris & Eileen McGann)

Nervous W.H. intervened in N.J. race; top Obama adviser now in charge

(Politico – Ben Smith) *Must Read*

Islamic states pushing for ‘global blasphemy law’

(WorldNetDaily – Bob Unruh)

Will Fox News Drop Newt Gingrich?

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid) *Must Read*

Obama Signs Bill Violating ‘Equal Justice Under the Law,’ Critics Say

(CNS News – Fred Lucas)

No Deal: Chamber Chief Battles Obama

(Wall Street Journal – Stephen Power)*Must Read*

Pataki endorses Hoffman for N.Y. seat

(Washington Times – Ralph Z. Hallow)

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