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December 2nd, 2010

Posted by Editor in Chief
December 2nd, 2010

WikiLeaks: Amazon stops hosting website publishing leaked US diplomatic documents

(Daily Telegraph UK – Laura Roberts) *Lead Story*

Washington is why the economy is not growing

(Washington Examiner – Mark Tapscott) *Must Read*

DREAMing Of Bigger Budgets

(Accuracy in Academia – Malcolm A. Kline)

The Utter Futility of Reducing Carbon Emissions

(Energy Tribune – Art Horn)

New Jersey man serving 7 years for guns he owned legally

(Philadelphia Daily News – Jason Nark) *Must Read*

Palin, I knew Reagan. You’re no Reagan.

(CNN – Ed Rollins)

U. S. should abandon plans for high-speed rail

(Buffalo News – Iain Murray and Marc Scribner)

No Volunteers, Please, We’re Unionized

(City Journal – Pete Peterson)

Are We now A Paper Tiger Both In Fact and The Way The World Views Us?

(Family Security Matters – Ed Koch)

Misleading’ Andy Griffith Ads Cost Taxpayers $3 Million, Gov’t Documents Show

(CNS News – Fred Lucas) *Must Read*

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