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Posts Tagged ‘Henry Blodget’

March 23rd 2011

Libyan air strikes: UK Armed Forces minister admits there is no exit strategy

(Daily Telegraph UK – James Kirkup, Thomas Harding, and Damien McElroy) *Lead Story*

Bin Laden is Winning

( – Dan Greenfield) *Must Read*

Ohio’s Speech Police, Should the government fact-check political ads?

(National Review – Katrina Trinko)

The Sickening Level Of Federal Spending

(Forbes – Ralph Benko)

Obamacare: One year later, Stripping patients and doctors of authority over care

(Washington Times – Dr. Jason Fodeman and Dr. David Gratzer) *Must Read*

Reasons Why General Motors Still Struggles

(Investor’s Business Daily – Ken Blackwell)

One World Government Obama

(American Spectator – Ben Stein)

Natural Gas Now Viewed as Safer Bet

(New York Times – Jad Mouawad)

Judge orders use of Islamic law in Tampa lawsuit over mosque leadership

(St.Petersburg Times – William R. Levesque)

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America

(Business Insider – Henry Blodget) *Must Read*

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Yahoo Finance: America Won the Cold War But Now Is Turning Into the USSR, Gerald Celente Says

Gerald Celente is from The Trends Research Insitute and appeared on Yahoo Finance ‘tech talk’ Hosted by Aaron Task and Henry Blodget. Gerald has some interesting thoughts and talks straight forward. What do you think about his views?

Here is a text link to some of the interview


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Feb 17th 2010

The Assault on Paul Ryan’s Roadmap, Cont. The liberal bait and switch.

(Weekly Standard – Michael Continetti)*Lead Story*

The Mead List: Democracy Edition

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)*Must Read*

With Dems sinking, GOP better come up with a plan

(Washington Examiner – Micheal Barone)

Unionized Rhode Island Teachers Refuse To Work 25 Minutes More Per Day, So Town Fires All Of Them

(Business Insider – Henry Blodget)*Must Read*

Ron Paul Is Back in the Hunt

(Newsmax – Doug Wead)

Mount Vernon Conservatives

(American Spectator – W. James Antle, III)*Must Read*

US Budget Deficit: Enjoying the Ride on the Road to Ruin

(The Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Arizona House exempts Arizona-made guns

(Yuma Sun – Howard Fischer and Stephanie A. Wilken)*Must Read*

Playing Freedom Cheap

(Townhall – Thomas Sowell)

GOP Set for Rebound in New England?

(Pajamas Media – Jay Shaw)

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