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Today’s Rebellion News – April 6th 2014

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

class-common-core-APSchool Districts Begin Exodus From Common Core
(Breitbart – Dr. Susan Berry)
*Lead Story*



Conservative media is unintentionally protecting Obama
(New York Post – John Podhoretz)
*Must Read*

Thanks to a private-public taxi cartel in NYC, the value of a taxi medallion has increased 5X times faster than the S&P500
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

Leland Yee’s interesting history of cash for votes
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

Jeb Bush: Illegal Immigration is Not a Felony, It’s an Act of Love
(Townhall – Sarah Jean Seman)

New Yorkers rally for gun rights, against Cuomo regime
(Human Events – Raquel Okyay)

Petrochem_Refinery_Complex-306x204Gas boom creates chemical bond between Gulf Coast, foreign firms
(Fuel Fix – Emily Pickrell)
*Must Read*


Mozilla’s CEO Showed the Cost of Disclosure Laws by Crossing the Satan-Scherbatsky Line
(Forbes – Ilya Shapiro)

Lawmakers seeks to ban red light cameras, photo radar vans in Colorado
(KMGH – Lance Hernandez)

Dems Wise to Flee the Coming Tsunami
(Real Clear Politics – Jack Kelly)

Armed Protesters Gather at Texas Open-Carry Rally After Tasing, Arrest of Man Walking with Loaded Rifle
(The Blaze – Dave Urbanski)

What Does the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Need with 96 Armed Agents?
(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

Samantha Power Puff: WashPost Calls Obama’s UN Pick a ‘Dazzling Diagnostician’ of U.S. Failure
(NewsBusters – Tim Graham)

Democrats Joining Republicans in Protest Over Medicare Advantage Cuts
(Newsmax – Sandy Fitzgerald)

Military hitting the breaking point on mental health problems
(Washington Times – Ben Wolfgang)

The spread of ‘debate is over’ syndrome
(Orange County Register – Joel Kotkin)

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Today’s Rebellion News – January 26th 2014

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Chuck Schumer: Tea Party Opposes Immigration for Making America ‘Less White’

(Breitbart – Tony Lee ) *Lead Story*

University protests offensive speech by building giant Wall of Hate

(Daily Caller – Robbe Soave) *Must Read*

Sen. Paul calls NSA lawsuit ‘historic,’ predicts a Supreme Court ruling

(Washington Times – Tom Howell Jr)

Big Government Fans Rally Around the Surveillance State

(Reason – Sheldon Richman)

Snowden: ‘Government officials want to kill me’

(The Hill – Kyle Balluck)

Immigration Simplification

(Real Clear Politics – Jack Kelly)

Smith & Wesson pulls out of California over microstamping

(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw) *Must Read*

Another Obama First: Working-Age Americans Make Up Majority of Food Stamp Recipients

(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

Radio Beijing in the Middle East

(American Interest – Joseph Braude)

MSNBC Carefully, Shamelessly Edits Out All Woman-Praising Context Out of Huckabee’s ‘Uncle Sugar’ Remarks

(NewsBusters – Tim Graham)

Why Is The Public Being Stonewalled On Serious ObamaCare Fixes?

(Forbes – Scott W. Atlas, M.D.)

50% Tax Rates Are Here

(Forbes – Kevin Glass)

In State of the Union, Obama expected to make case for bypassing Congress

(Washington Examiner – Susan Crabtree)

Man found dead in ER after waiting 8 hours for a doctor

(New York Post – Laura Italiano and Lia Eustachwich)

D’Souza Producer: ‘I Never Feared My Govt Until Now’

(Newsmax – Greg Richter) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – October 27th 2013

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Here’s how Obamacare makes life hell for college profs

(Daily Caller – Robby Soave) *Lead Story*

Michigan teachers claim union is obstructing right-to-work law

(Washington Examiner – Sean Higgins) *Must Read*

Ken Cuccinelli Is Virginia’s Libertarian Choice, Too

(Breitbart – Dr. Susan Berry)

Bob Woodward: ‘Rat’s Nest of Concealment and Lies’ Behind Obamacare Website Disaster, Admin. Scandals

(The Blaze – Dave Urbanski)

Coming Soon to Your Car: The Tax Box

(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

Warrantless Surveillance Info to Be Used in Terrorism Case

(Reason – Scott Shackford)

Obamacare Heading Into a Death Spiral

(Real Clear Politics – Jack Kelly)

The Egalitarian, Anti-Progress Absurdity Of Bank-Capital Requirements

(Forbes – John Tammy)

More on ‘reform math’ as a failed educational exercise in replacing what works with what sounds good

(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

10 Senate Democrats now calling for delay, as Republicans demand documentation on creation of

(Washington Free Beacon – Ellison Barber)

New Pennsylvania Law Says No to Touching Women’s Baby Bumps

(Townhall – Heather Ginsberg)

Game of Thrones: Japan to Intensify Efforts to Balance China

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Federal Solar Auction Gets No Bidders; AP (Just a Local Story) and Politico (Deceptive Headline) React Predictably

(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer)

Government is Magic

(Sultan Knish – Daniel Greenfield)

Whatever Bill de Blasio may think, New Yorkers’ incomes rise and fall together.

(City Journal – Scott Winship)

Steve Forbes to Moneynews: Stabilize Dollar to Fight ‘Ongoing’ Global Financial Crisis

(Newsmax – Dan Weil and Kathleen Walter)

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Today’s Rebellion News – September 15th 2013

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

AP Continues Pattern of Hyping Reduction of Still Historically High Deficit and Citing ‘Steep’ Spending Cuts

(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer) *Lead Story*

Larry Summers withdraws from consideration as Bernanke’s successor at Fed

(Washington Times – Dave Boyer) *Must Read*

NYT: The gov’t created a stupid ethanol-credit system, but it’s basically Wall Street’s fault for “exploiting” it

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

US-Russia deal lets Bashar Assad keep biological weapons

(Washington Examiner – Joel Gehrke)

Federal Court Rules ‘In God We Trust’ Will Remain on Coins and Currency

(PJ Media – Myra Adams)

Don’t Short America’s Energy Stock

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

From Moscow to Cairo, a war on democracy promotion

(Christian Science Monitor – Ariel Zirulnick)

Economy has only half-recovered from 2008 crash admits Obama report

(Daily Caller – Neil Munro) *Must Read*

California to Legalize Non-Physician Abortions

(Townhall – Christine Rousselle)

If firms respond to Obamacare by cutting hours and jobs, wouldn’t they do the same when the minimum wage rises?

(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

Apple’s Fingerprint ID May Mean You Can’t ‘Take the Fifth’

(Wired – Marcia Hofman)

Under ObamaCare, Doctor’s Visits Will Be Interrogations

(Investor’s Business Daily – Betsy McCaughey)

Audit Finds IRS Employees Don’t Follow Their Own Rules

(Reason – Eric Boehm)

Obama: ‘Gun Control—We Had 80, 90% of the Country That Agreed With It’

(CNS News – Terence P. Jeffrey)

Humiliated by Putin

(Real Clear Politics – Jack Kelly) *Must Read*

Obama: ‘Gun Control—We Had 80, 90% of the Country That Agreed With It’ – See more at:
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Today’s Rebellion News – April 7th 2013

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

China Helped North Korea Target American Cities

(Forbes – Gordon G. Chang) *Lead Story*

Four more years of pain

(Human Events – Donald Lambro) *Must Read*

Easy Money Helps Wall Street, Threatens Main Street

(Real Clear Politics – Jack Kelly)

Two gay GWU students want priest removed from campus

(Washington Times – Jesscia Chasmar)

Anonymous launches coordinated cyberattack on Israel

(Washington Free Beacon – Adam Kredo)

Why Push Gun Control in Connecticut?

(PJ Media – Charlie Martin) *Must Read*

Boston’s taxicab mess – and the oligopoly behind it

(JeffJacoby.Com – Jeff Jacoby)

China’s Local Debt Might Be Way Higher Than We Think

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Keystone Pipeline Opponents Are Biggest Spenders in MA Special Election

(Townhall – Heather Ginsberg)

ATF pulls license of one particular gun shop

(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

Stephanopoulos Doesn’t Ask Obama Senior Adviser Anything About Jobs or Economy

(NewsBusters – Noel Sheppard)

Local Grassroots Leaders to RNC: ‘Join Us or Get the Hell out of the Way’

(Breitbart – Micheal Patrick Leahy)

Tea Party challenges Obama, K Street on corporate welfare

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Must Read*

EM protest leader a scofflaw, too

(Detroit News – Nolan Finley)

Rand Paul First to Visit All 3 Early Primary States

(Newsmax – Greg Richter)

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