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Today’s Rebellion News – April 24th 2013

Senate advances bill to tax Internet purchases

(Washington Examiner – Susan Ferrechio) *Lead Story*

Michael Bloomberg’s creepy authoritarianism

(Human Events – David Harsanyi) *Must Read*

Big Sis: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws to Enforce

(Breitbart – Matthew Boyle)

Judge: Obama administration can’t refuse to arrest illegal immigrants

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)

Marine Commandant warns Congress of costs of global withdrawal

(Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Evans)

No One Wants Corn Ethanol…Not Even the Ethanol Lobby

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead) *Must Read*

eBay: Just Say No to Internet Sales Tax

(PJ Media – Stephen Green)

There’s Nothing Fair About the Marketplace Fairness Act

(Townhall – Jeff Jocaby)

Poll: Sen. Ayotte loses support after voting against background checks

(The Hill – Alexander Jaffe)

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Hints O’Reilly Believes Obama’s a Secret Muslim

(NewsBusters – Jeffrey Meyer)

Financial Gun Control? GE Capital Quietly Cuts Off Lending to Gun Shops

(The Blaze – Jason Hawerton and Becket Adams)

Greeny Lying Bastards’ and Other Carbon Disinformation

(Forbes – Larry Bell)

Rep. Mica: Obama Purposely Inflicting Sequester’s Airport-Delay Pains

(Newsmax – Bill Hoffman and John Bachman)

U.S. rejects NorKs’ demand for recognition as a nuclear state

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

Time for public employee unions to pick up the tab

(LA Times – Steve Lopez)

The spectacular rise in ‘Saudi America’s’ oil output in just 4 years to a 21-year high is nothing short of phenomenal

(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

Feds Waste $890,000 Per Year on Empty Bank Account Fees

(Reason – Katherine Mangu-Ward)

Read the Fine Print, Senator

(American Spectator – Betsy McCaughey)

Glenn Beck conspiracy theory: What’s his evidence?

(Christian Science Monitor – Peter Grier)

The Collapse of OPEC Power

(Energy Tribune – Peter C. Glover and Michael Economides) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – March 31st 2013

Schumer says immigration deal imminent; Rubio says not so fast

(Washington Times – David Sherfinski) *Lead Story*

California Now Has Negative Net Worth of $127.2 Billion

(Breitbart – William Bigelow) *Must Read*

“The State of War” – Kim Jong Un’s Bombastic, and Ominous, Bluster

(Daily Beast – Gordon G. Chang)

Krauthammer Warns: Gay Marriage Case Could Lead to All-Out ‘Assault on Religion’

(The Blaze – Madeleine Morgenstern)

Upstate NY lawmaker: Cuomo’s gun snitch program like the East German Stasi

(Human Events – Raquel Okyay)

State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

(New York Times – David A. Stockman)

To protect restaurants, D.C. may curb food trucks

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Jeb Bush: Entitlement System Will Collapse If We Don’t Act Now

(Newsmax – Jim Meyers and John Bachman)

Rubio demands some immigration hearings, may delay amnesty bill

(Daily Caller – Neil Munro)

Alex Jones: ‘MSNBC Is Like the Ku Klux Klan Channel’ – ‘Just Race, Everything Race’

(NewsBusters – Noel Sheppard)

Regulations Are Very Expensive, But Their Economic Value Is Negative

(Forbes – John Goodman)

Alabama Brings Back Eminent Domain for Private Gain

(Reason – John K. Ross) *Must Read*

After Years of Growth, Banks Are Pruning Their Branches

(Wall Street Journal – Robin Sidel)

A disease called ‘childhood’

(New York Post – Dr. Allen Francis)

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Today’s Rebellion News – December 24th 2012

Will Washington Ever Cut Spending?

(National Review – Deroy Murdock) *Lead Story*

2012 Lie of the Year: Government is affordable

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey) *Must Read*

India Spends Billions on Russian Weaponry: Why That’s a Good Thing

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

The Politically Correct Calendar

(The American – John Steele Gordon)

Why People Thought ‘Bath Salts’ Made Rudy Eugene Eat Ronald Poppo’s Face

(Reason – Jacob Sullum)

Piers Morgan Lashes Out on Twitter Against Petition Asking White House to Deport Him

(Forbes – Alex Kantrowitz)

When ‘assault weapons’ saved Koreatown

(Human Events – Ryan James Girdusky)

US condemns ‘vicious’ attacks by Syrian regime on civilians

(The Hill – Kyle Balluck)

Police: NY gunman set ‘trap’ for firefighters

(AP – John Kekis)

The cultural impacts of growing singlehood and childlessness

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Must Read*

Spending to Increase 55 Percent Under Obama’s Plan

(Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper)

NJ town to station armed cop at schools

(New York Post – Susan Edelman)

Court filings surge in FOIA cases during Obama years

(Washington Times – Dave Boyer)

Peter Warburton to Moneynews: Fed Tolerates Growing Inflation Pressures

(Money News – Forrest Jones and John Bachman)

Larry Elder to the GOP: ‘Stop talking to blacks like they are children’

(Daily Caller – Jamie Weinstein)

Does Kerry Still Think Assassination Of The President And V.P. Is Funny?

(CNS News – Ken Blackwell)

North Korea’s Missile Shot Is A Wakeup Call For U.S.

(Investor’s Business Daily – Phyllis Schlafly)

Robert Bork Dies and Rachel Maddow Smears Him With Ancient Slander

(NewsBusters – Jack Coleman)

Racist liberals, They don’t think a ‘real’ black person can be conservative

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Jack Kelly)

Fury After Paper Publishes Names, Addresses of Legal Pistol Owners in New York

(The Blaze – Erica Ritz) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – November 2nd 2012

Despite the Presidential Election, Americans Still Believe US is a Land of Opportunity

(Reason – Emily Ekins) *Lead Story*

Benghazi a Blip on Media’s Radar – Less Than 2 Minutes of Coverage on ABC, CBS; NBC Punts

(NewsBusters – Matthew Balan)

There’s more: Georgia power crew turned away from Sandy-stricken New York for refusing to join union

(Daily Caller – David Martosko)

How Far Obama Has Fallen

(Wall Street Journal – Peggy Noonan) *Must Read*

8 Things to Know about the Candidates’ Tax Policies

(The American – Alex Brill)

Jobs Report Proves Economy Stuck in Slow Motion

(Money News – Forrest Jones and John Bachman)

Why hours-long lines for gasoline aren’t easing in Sandy-hit areas

(Christian Science Monitor – Ron Scherer)

Soldier pays $90 to vote absentee

(Human Events – Hope Hodge)

Nine Economic Facts that May Determine Tuesday’s Election

(Breitbart – Wynton Hall) *Must Read*

GOP Poll: Brown Up 2 in Massachusetts Senate Race

(Weekly Standard – Michael Warren)

What Did He Know and When Did He Know It? The Shadow Knows…

(Family Security Matters – Michael Ledeen)

Barack Obama Has Pardoned Fewer People Than George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton

(Reason – Mike Riggs)

Judge prods FBI over future Internet surveillance plans

(CNET – Declan McCullagh)

N. Dakota oil boom has jobs, if you have skills

(USA Today – Jay Olstad)

What the Road to Hell is Paved With…

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Stop looking for politics in a disaster

(Washington Post – Haley Barbour)

Whatever happened to a ‘government of laws, not of men’?

(Washington Examiner – Mark Tapscott) *Must Read*

Romney Falsely Labeled a Radical by Watergate Reporter

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

A Vote For Obama-Biden Is A Vote For National Collapse

(Investor’s Business Daily – Mark Steyn)

UN Representative Calls For Establishing A ‘World Capital’–In Islamic Istanbul

(CNS News – Dan Gainor)

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Today’s Rebellion News – October 28th 2012

Dem warning: Obama could lose Wisconsin

(Washington Examiner – Alan Blinder) *Lead Story*

You don’t mess with the CIA

(Washington Times – Joseph Curl) *Must Read*

Did Barack Obama Intentionally Mislead KUSA’s Kyle Clark About ‘Abound Solar’?

(RedState – Eric Erickson)

A declining Japan loses its once-hopeful champions

(Washington Post – Chico Harlan)

Bring Back the Flophouse, To revolutionize housing for singles, look to the past.

(Reason – Greg Beato)

The Benghazi Story Refuses To Die, And It’s Hurting The President

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Did US go too far in its secret surveillance of citizens?

(Christian Science Monitor – Warren Richey) *Must Read*

The Financial Stability Oversight Council’s Fatal Flaw

(The American – Alex J. Pollock)

Gallup: Obama Approval Tanking, Romney Leads by Five

(Townhall – Guy Benson)

Democrats Look to New England As ‘Firewall’ in Senate Races

(The Blaze – Mytheos Holt)

Internal emails: Treasury officials held 2009 backroom bailout meeting on Delphi pension plans

(Daily Caller – Matthew Boyle)

Big Early-Voting Crowds in Florida

(Wall Street Journal – Peter Nicholas)

Firewall Collapse: Obama Up Only 3 in Minnesota, Below 50%

(Breitbart – Mike Flynn)

Local TV stations in swing-states cash in on deluge of political ads

(The Hill – Brendan Sasso)

Stephanie Cutter: Des Moines Register Endorsement of Romney ‘Not Based on Reality’

(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

Hume: Mainstream Media ‘Remarkably Reticent’ to Pursue Benghazi Cover-Up, Burden Has ‘Fallen’ Onto Fox News

(NewsBusters – Brent Baker) *Must Read*

Micro-Drones Combined With DNA Hacking Could Create A Very Scary Future

(Business Insider – Robert Johnson)

New CEO: Breitbart Relished Confrontation, Not Hatred

(Newsmax – Todd Beamon and John Bachman)

Gingrich: Obama Cancels Events for Sandy But Not for Benghazi

(Weekly Standard – Michael Warren)

Michael Tanner on the cost of ObamaCare

(New York Post – Michael Tanner)

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