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Today’s Rebellion News – November 2nd 2017

Posted by Editor in Chief
November 2nd, 2017

FBI agents manhandled Manafort and his wife during pre-dawn raid in intimidation effort
(Washington Times – Rowan Scarborough)
*Lead Story*

College divestment protesters set their eyes on a new target
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)
*Must Read*

Trump Urges Death Penalty for Terrorist: ‘We’re So Politically Correct We’re Afraid to Do Anything’
(CNS News – Susan Jones)

GOP releases details of plan to cut corporate, individual taxes
(Washington Examiner – Susan Ferrechio)

How China Cheats
(National Review – Derek Scissors)

Former DNC Head Admits Obama Cleaned Out The Party, Hillary Stole It, Bernie Got Robbed
(Daily Wire – Ben Shapiro)

Shelby Foote’s Civil War History Defends America Against Insatiable Haters Like Ta-Nehisi Coates
(The Federalist – John Daniel Davidson)

Imagine If It was Obama: Nets Yawn as Violent Snoop Dogg Stands Over Trump’s ‘Corpse’
(NewsBusters – Scott Whitlock)

Yulia Tymoshenko Warned Us About Paul Manafort Years Ago
(Reason – Elizabeth Nolan Brown)

Rand Paul Endorses in AZ Sen Race — ‘Conservatives Are Going to Unite Behind Kelli Ward’
(Breitbart – Michelle Moons)

Here’s How Much The Clinton Campaign And DNC Paid For The Trump Dossier
(Daily Caller – Chuck Ross)

Dems Promise Articles of Impeachment Against Trump By Thanksgiving
(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)

State Department Blocked Bid to Impose Reciprocal Curbs on Chinese Building in D.C. in Dispute Over Embassy Repairs
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

In the fight against fake news, a First Amendment refresher
(Watchdog – Dan McCaleb)

Nunes: Dems Suddenly Very Interested in Viewing DOJ Dossier Docs They Didn’t Want Subpoenaed
(PJ Media – Debra Heine)

Trump voter fraud panel member fights back against critics
(The Hill – Lydia Wheeler)

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