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Today’s Rebellion News – November 7th 2016

Posted by Editor in Chief
November 7th, 2016

FBI again clears Clinton in email probe
(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan and S.A. Miller)
*Lead Story*

Somebody is planning to collapse the exit polling protocols
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)
*Must Read*

In Britain, Feeding Birds or Crying in Your Own Home Can Bring Fines in Crackdown on Anti-Social Behavior
(CNS News – Kevin McCandless)

John Fund: ‘FBI Investigation Goes on into the Clinton Foundation, Rather Than the Emails’
(Breitbart – John Hayward)

Clinton’s Campaign Is Predicated on the Gruber Principle
(American Spectator – David Carton)

Hassan Campaign Manager Was Convicted of Barroom Sucker Punch
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill McMorris)

WikiLeaks: CNN Asked DNC for Interview Questions for Trump, Cruz
(PJ Media – Debra Heine)

The Attacks on Conservative Talk Radio
(NewsBusters – Jeffrey Lord)

Who Lost the Philippines?
(American Interest – Gal Luft)

Amnesty tax: $15,000 per household, $1.2 trillion
(Washington Examiner – Paul Bedard)

Another Electoral College Voter Says He May Not Vote For Clinton Even If She Wins His State
(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)

Why we should abandon daylight saving time: it increases energy use and isn’t worth the trouble it causes
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

If You Want To Understand Politics in 2024, Watch Statehouse Races Next Tuesday
(Reason – Eric Boehm)

WIKILEAKS: Campaign Manager Says ‘Clinton Had Little Consideration For Ethics’
(Daily Caller – Richard Pollock)

Nine most vulnerable Senate seats heading into Election Day
(The Hill – Lisa Hagan and Jordain Carney)

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