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Today’s Rebellion News – January 27th 2016

Posted by Editor in Chief
January 27th, 2016

Paul Ryan draws Obama into veto war to show voters what’s at stake in 2016
(Washington Times – Dave Boyer)
*Lead Story*

Trump drops the mic
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)
*Must Read*

Presidential Candidates Rushing to Support Ethanol Subsidies Ahead of Iowa Caucus
(Reason – John Stossel)

Critics of expanded strip-search bill say it comes at cost of liberty
(Watchdog – M.D. Kittle)

FBI tells Bundy group to leave after fatal shooting
(The Hill – Timothy Cama)

House lawsuit could doom Obamacare: Report
(Washington Examiner – Robert King)

Emails Show Steyer-EPA Coordination to Undermine Agency Critics
(Washington Free Beacon – Lachlan Markay)

Air Force Offers Friendly Reminder To Base Commanders: Qualified Airman Can Carry Firearms On Base
(Townhall – Matt Vespa)

Assault Charge for Professor Who Called for ‘Muscle’ Against Student Reporter
(National Review – Jillian Kay Melchior)

California AG Threatens Non-Profit Donors’ First Amendment Rights
(Daily Caller – Kathryn Watson)

Megyn Kelly, Judge Napolitano Blast ‘Political Hit Job’ Indicting CMP Filmmakers, Not Planned Parenthood
(NewsBusters – Curtis Houck)

Tax Cuts to Cut Carbon, an Idea Whose Time Has Yet to Come
(American Spectator – H. Sterling Burnett)

Bloomberg Gun Control Group ‘Bankrolled’ Nevada Background Check Initiative
(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins)

Think Tank: Data Show Black Lives Most Threatened by Violent Criminals, Not the Police
(CNS News – Jose R. Gonzalez)

What was the impact of the ‘China trade shock’ for US workers since 2000?
(AEI – James Pethokoukis)

Education Insanity
(Human Events – Walter Williams)

How Much Revenue The U.S. Is Losing Through Tax Inversions, And How Much Worse It May Get
(Forbes – Howard Gleckman)

Murder: An Acceptable Means For Fighting Global Warming?
(Investor’s Business Daily – Editorial)

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