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Today’s Rebellion News – June 15th 2012

Obama imposes new immigration policy; Congress reacts

(Human Events – John Hayward) *Lead Story*

‘Not Amnesty,’ Napolitano Says: ‘It Is An Exercise of Discretion’

(CNS News – Matt Cover) *Must Read*

Obama grants legal status to young illegal immigrants

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)

The Styrofoam Pillars Collapse

(PJ Media – Richard Fernandez)

Flatten California! A proposal to fix the state’s business-killing tax regime

(City Journal –  Arthur B. Laffer)

Committed to Phony Growth

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

The War On Energy And A Second Term

(Energy Tribune – Art Horn) *Must Read*

Special interests vs. a balanced budget: Winner, special interests

(Hot Air – Dustin Higgins)

Bans on Plastic Bags Harm the Environment

(Reason Foundation – James D. Agresti)

Labeling Logic: On Obama-Care, NYTimes Pits ‘Conservatives’ Against ‘the Other Side of the Issue’

(NewsBusters –  Clay Waters)

Cocoon Alert: WaPo on Obamacare

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

High Unemployment Benefit Encourages High Unemployment Rate

(Washington Policy Center – Erin Shannon)

Judgment Day Draws Nigh for Obamacare

(American Spectator – David Catron)

McConnell Stands for Free Speech

(National Review – Bradley A. Smith)

Canada Seeks Alternatives to Transport Oil Reserves

(New York Times – Elisabeth Rosenthal)

Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit

(Townhall – Kate Hicks)

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Native American’ claims: if she was a Republican, the media would call her a racist

(Daily Telegraph UK – Tim Stanley)

Looking backward: The nostalgia economics of Barack Obama

(The American – James Pethokoukis)

Don’t blame cars for the shortcomings of mass transit

(Washington Examiner – Josh Barro)

A Simple Tax Code Is a Fair Tax Code

(Wall Street Journal – Harvey Golub)

Ken Vogel: Politico’s Ex-Soros Employee Attacks GOP Super PACs

(Breitbart – John Nolte) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – May 4th 2012

Deal Sought for Chinese Activist to Study in U.S.

(Wall Street Journal – Keith Johnson and Carlos Tejada) *Lead Story*

Unemployment falls to 8.1 percent in April, but Dow drops

(Washington Times – Patrice Hill) *Must Read*

Obama’s deal with Karzai bans raids on al-Qaida bases in Pakistan

(Daily Caller – Neil Munro)

Michigan welfare recipients get hundreds for car repairs, clothing allowance

(Human Events – Tom Gantert)

Only 15 Percent of World Population Has Free Press

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

CNN Catches Dems for False Accusation, but Networks Missed the Story

(NewsBusters – Matt Hadro)

Obama Abolishes the Press Conference

(White House Dossier – Keith Koffler)

‘Citizens Lobbying Organization’ Common Cause draws funds from super rich

(Washington Free Beacon – CJ Ciaramella)

Elizabeth Warren brings no peace to Dems

(Boston Herald – Joe Battenfeld)

Sen. Rand Paul knows how to fix the TSA: end it

(Christian Science Monitor – David Grant)

Economic Recovery Education

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

President Obama buying votes with our tax dollars

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Jack Kelly)

Tariff bill opens the floodgates for lobbyists

(Sunlight Foundation – Ryan Sibley)

Does Rhode Island Need Fiscal Union With Connecticut?

(Forbes – Josh Barro)

How Convenient: State Dept Projects No Decision on New Keystone Application ‘Til 2013

(Townhall – Erika Johnsen)

Soviets Funded Black “Freedom” Journal

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

What kind of lesson is a school teaching by banning a Jesus T-shirt?

(National Post – Marni Soupcoff) *Must Read*

Sebelius Says GAO Report Is ‘Just Not Accurate’ — Then Helps Confirm That It Is

(Weekly Standard – Jeffrey H. Anderson)

Economy Stalls — Americans Give Up Job Search

(Newsmax – Jim Meyers)

The Permit Plague

(American Thinker – Gary Hull) *Must Read*

Local TV report out of Indiana highlights potential for billions of dollars of tax fraud by illegal immigrants

(Hot Air – Morgan Richmond)

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Today’s Rebellion News – February 21st 2012

Santorum stirs new talk of Obama’s faith

(Washington Times – Susan Crabtree) *Lead Story*

’99% Spring’ campaign led by UAW, computer records indicate

(Daily Caller – David Martosko) *Must Read*

The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom

(Wall Street Journal – Robert McDowell)

EU Should Admit Greece is Bankrupt

(Der Spiegel –  Christian Rickens)

If Economy’s Improving, Why Is Dependency Growing?

(Investor’s Business Daily – Eric Singer)

The coming end of endless talk

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Wes Pruden)

Why It’s So Expensive to Eat Out in San Francisco

(Forbes – Josh Barro)

Labor’s Under-the-Radar Power Grab

(The American – Michael M. Rosen)

High gas prices: How big a problem for Obama?

(Christian Science Monitor – Ron Scherer)

Romney to detail tax, Medicare, Social Security plans in Detroit

(Detroit News – Marisa Schultz)

Is Media Matters Obama’s Watergate?

(American Spectator – Jeffrey Lord) *Must Read*

What your Facebook profile is telling prospective employers

(Globe and Mail – Wency Leung)

Mexican Oil Good, Canadian Oil Bad?

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Fakegate: The Increasing Desperation of the Alarmists

(Energy Tribune – James Delingpole)

Top Level USDA Reps Showing Up in US Lunchrooms

(American Thinker – M. Catharine Evans)

New map draws Bachmann out of her district

(Washington Examiner – Joel Gehrke)

Gallup Finds Unemployment Climbing to Nine Percent in February

(CNS News – Matt Cover)

Russia “resets” to nuclear-weapons, “military-purpose spacecraft” expansion

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Obama Downgrades the American Dream

(Human Events – John Hayward)

Supreme Court adds more time for oral arguments on Obama healthcare law

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

Newt Gingrich stumps in Oklahoma

(Politico – Ginger Gibson)

Senators Ask GAO to Probe Voter ID Laws as ‘Poll Tax’

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – February 15th 2012

Health Costs, Gov’t Regulations Curb Small Business Hiring

(Gallop – Dennis Jacobe) *Lead Story*

Media Matters talking points occupy MSNBC

(Daily Caller – Jeff Poor) *Must Read*

Secrecy Surrounds Conference to Train Cops on ‘Political Violence’

(PJ Media – Patrick Poole)

Are You Making the FBI Suspicious? See The Fliers That Reveal What They’re Looking For

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas)

The Collapse of Jon Corzine

(American Spectator – Ross Kaminsky)

Should Ron Paul demand a new vote count in Maine?

(Christian Science Monitor – Peter Grier)

Nuking our Nukes

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gretz) *Must Read*

On Medicare, the American Public Is Dangerously Out of Touch with Reality

(Forbes – Josh Barro)

Obama Wrecks the Mars Program

(National Review – Robert Zubrin)

China’s Military Spending to Double by 2015 – Report

(Wall Street Journal – Jeremy Page)

Attack of the lunch police

(Human Events – John Hayward)

How Taxing the Rich Harms the Middle Class

(The American – Aparna Mathur)

Mortgage settlement wrecks free market

(Orange County Register – Richard Callahan)

‘Perverted Logic’ May Drive Gas ‘Well Above’ $4, Energy Expert Schork Says

(Money News – Forrest Jones)

Santorum: People Should Pay Their Own Medical Bills

(National Journal – Matthew Shelly)

Where to Wait Out the Great Correction

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

American solar cell pioneers bankrupted by Obama’s DOE

(American Thinker – Jerome J. Schmitt)

Why Santorum’s anti-libertarianism is a problem

(Washington Examiner – Philip Klein)

ABC, NBC Skip Food Police Confiscating Preschooler’s Dangerous Potato Chips

(NewsBusters – Scott Whitlock)

WaPo finds nearly $4 billion in green-tech stimulus funds went to WH-connected firms

(Hot Air -Ed Morrissey)

Iran retaliates over international pressure with threat to stop selling oil to the EU

(Daily Telelgraph UK – David Blair)

Craig, Colorado: A case study in energy regulation gone mad.

(A Line Of Sight – Bob Beauprez) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – January 6th 2012

Obama Announces Huge Military Cuts

(Human Events – John Hayward) *Lead Story*

IRS could face glut of health law tax appeals

(Washington Times – Paige Winfield Cunningham)

Santorum’s Top Goals: $5 Trillion in Cuts, Entitlement Overhaul

(Wall Street Journal – Jennifer Levitz)

Great news: GM to “call back” 8,000 Chevy Volts for “structural modifications” related to battery fires

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey) *Must Read*

Fast and Furious Defense Strategy: Keep Them Quiet

(PJ Media – Bob Owens)

Cities keep squandering money on hotels and meeting facilities.

(City Journal – Steven Malanga)

Oil Industry: Energy Issues, Keystone Pipeline Should Be Top of Mind for Voters

(CNS News – Penny Star)

Parkway’s use of fitness monitors raises privacy questions

( – Mary Shapiro)

Manhattan Moment: Democrat Raimondo’s Rhode Island reforms are remarkable

(Washington Examiner – Josh Barro)

The Arithmetic of a Revolution

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Recording Industry Association of America Rejects OPEN Act in Favor of SOPA

(Forbes – E.D. Kain)

Insurers Profit From Health Law They Fought

(Bloomberg – Sarah Frier)

Environmentalism costs taxpayers

(Charleston Daily Mail  – Don Surber)

Is America Prepared for Total War?

( – Trevor Loudon)

Jon Huntsman sees self as David fighting Goliath in New Hampshire primary

(Boston Globe – Shira Schoenberg)

Japan Mulls Rearming to Defend Itself

(Real Clear World – Michael Auslin) *Must Read*

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