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July 27th 2011

Posted by Editor in Chief
July 27th, 2011

Boehner plan runs into GOP rebellion

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan) *Lead Story*

Under Obama, Millennials move into the GOP column

(Washington Examiner – Michael Barone)

The Kabuki theatre of America’s Debt Ceiling

(Daily Telegraph UK – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) *Must Read*

NIH sends more than $90 million in taxpayer-funded grants to China

(Daily Caller – Matthew Boyle)

Obama Assaults Gun Freedoms

(Human Events – Kathryn M. DeLong) *Must Read*


(Detroit News – Glenn Gogoleski)

Under Pressure, McDonald’s Adds Apples to Kids Meals

(Wall Street Journal – Julie Jargon)

New polls confirm Obama’s Democratic base crumbles

(Los Angeles Times – Andrew Malcolm)

‘Right Out of Atlas Shrugged’: Hear an Exasperated Alabama Businessman Tell the Feds – ‘I’m Just Quitting’

(The Blaze – Dave Urbanski)

The Christian Terrorist: The Greatest Enemy Is The Enemy Within

( – Michael Savage) *Must Read*

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