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Posts Tagged ‘kara rowland’

May 3rd 2011

The Late Bin Laden, Thoughts on presidential leadership and the media

(City Journal – Victor Davis Hanson) *Lead Story*

Obama fulfills Bush goal, U.S plans to exploit new intel

(Washington Times – Kara Rowland) *Must Read*

Al Qaeda’s Next Wave of Terror

( – Daniel Greenfield)

From Start to Finish: How the U.S. Got Bin Laden

(Townhall – Elisabeth Meinecke)

A new political era begins as Tories win majority, NDP seizes opposition

(Globe and Mail – Jim Sheppard) *Must Read*

Trump Confronts Media Flip-Flop

(Newsmax – James Hirsen)

GDP and Job Growth Not Consistent With Feds’ Economic Outlook

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Santorum’s Clarity of Vision

(American Spectator – Quin Hillyer)

GOP hopefuls wait out president’s bin Laden triumph

(Washington Examiner – Bryon York)

John Podesta: Put Up Or Shut Up

(Big Government – Andrew Breitbart) *Must Read*

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April 28th 2011

Gold Slams Bernanke. No QE3, but no King Dollar either

(National Review – Larry Kudlow) *Lead Story*

An Outbreak of Bureaucratic Idiocy

(Forbes – Mark Gibbs) *Must Read*

Why Isn’t Obama Celebrating High Oil Prices?

(Real Clear Politics – David Harsanyi)

The rise of the cybersecurity-industrial complex

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

White House releases president’s birth certificate, Obama slams obsession; Trump claims victory

(Washington Times – Kara Rowland and Stephen Dinan) *Must Read*

Panetta to Pentagon and Petraeus to CIA

(Wall Street Journal – Siobhan Gorman, Adam Entous, and Julian E. Barnes)

Dependent on Fed Spending and the New Money System

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Trump: ‘It’s a Very Strange President We Have’

(Newsmax – Jim Meyers and Ashley Martella)

PBS Host: Donald Trump and Tea Partiers Are Racist

(Accuracy in Media – Allie Duzett)

Falling Between Two Stools

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead) *Must Read*

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April 26th 2011

Obama presses Assad; Syrian violence rises

(Washington Times – Kara Rowland) *Lead Story*

What Barbour’s Decision Means

(National Review – Robert Costa) *Must Read*

Is the ‘Age of America’ Really at an End?

(Pajamas Media – Stephen Green)

Taliban Jailbreak Rattles Afghan South

(Wall Street Journal – Maria Abi-Habib and Habib Khan Totakhil)

WH Confirms Work Underway on Executive Order That Critics Say Will Stifle Political Speech

(CNS News – Fred Lucas) *Must Read*

U.S. Officials Suspected Al-Jazeera Ties to Al-Qaeda

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Ron Paul to announce presidential exploratory committee tomorrow

(Daily Caller – Amanda Carey)

‘Green China’ myth

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Bjorn Lomborg)

Pressure from Left causes law firm to abdicate responsibility

(Washington Examiner – Bryon York)

Pat Buchanan Tells MSNBC Host: ‘You’ve Got to Learn Supply and Demand as Obama Never Did in That Saul Alinsky Outfit’

(NewsBusters – Noel Sheppard) *Must Read*

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March 29th 2011

‘Deadly advance’ Obama’s trigger, Libya mission aims to shield civilians from Gadhafi’s wrath

(Washington Times – Kara Rowland) *Lead Story*

EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

(Daily Telegraph UK – Bruno Waterfield) *Must Read*

Barbarians within,Why Brit-style riots could spread to US

(New York Post – Michael A. Walsh)

Printing Money to Save the World

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Four Scenarios for Libya—Some Good and Some Bad

(Wall Street Journal – Gerald F. Seib) *Must Read*

New Jersey could be next state to pull out of regional cap-and-trade system

(Daily Caller – Amanda Carey)

The Rise And Fall And Rise Again of Supply-Side Economics?

(Forbes – Ralph Benko)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

(Energy Tribune – Marita Noon)

Establishment Press Virtually Ignores Lautenberg’s ‘These People Don’t Deserve the Freedoms’ Comment

(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer) *Must Read*

New Detroit bridge will boost trade, create jobs

(Washington Examiner – Thomas J. Donohue)

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March 21st 2011

Libya: Col Muammar Gaddafi faces second night of air attacks from British, French and American forces

(Daily Telegraph UK – Robert Winnett, Andrew Porter, and Damien McElroy) *Lead Story*

With no debate and no objective, Obama enters a war

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Must Read*

Obama’s War in Libya is Illegal and Unconstitutional

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Japan Makes Gains in Its Nuclear Fight

(Wall Street Journal – Norihiko Shirouzu, Yuka Hayashi, and Peter Landers)

Brazilian oil fuels debate on U.S. policy

(Washington Times – Kara Rowland) *Must Read*

Michigan weighs crackdown on illegal immigrants

(Detroit News – Ron French)

Critics contend Assistant Attorney General Loretta King guided more by racial politics than the law

(Daily Caller – Caroline May)

Could this be the year of governing reasonably?

(San Francisco Chronicle – Debra J. Saunders)

Andrew Sullivan: ‘I Don’t Know Why Anybody Voted for Obama in the Primaries – It’s a Clintonian Mess’

(NewsBusters – Noel Sheppard)

America Through the Looking Glass

(Pajamas Media – Victor Davis Hanson) *Must Read*

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