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Today’s Rebellion News – September 14th 2016

N.Y. attorney general opens investigation of Trump Foundation
(Washington Times – Victor Morton)
*Lead Story*

Katie Couric facing $12M defamation lawsuit over #GunGate
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)
*Must Read*

Feds Force American Communities to Educate Almost 4 Million Foreign Students
(Breitbart – Katie McHugh)

Sometimes, Things Get Better
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Politico’s Grunwald Denies Jonathan Gruber was Obamacare Architect
(NewsBusters – P.J. Gladnick)

Obama’s U.S. a pushover for foreign powers, critics say
(Washington Examiner – Jamie McIntyre)

Emails Shed New Light On Clinton Tech Firm’s Internal Deliberations
(Daily Caller – Chuck Ross)

Drafter of U.S. Dietary Goals Was Bribed by Big Sugar to Demonize Fat
(Reason – Elizabeth Nolan Brown)

Governor Cuomo Uses Environmentalism to Excuse Crony Corruption
(American Spectator – Charles Sauer)

Uber’s self-driving cars hit the road
(The Hill – David McCabe)

Colin Powell: Everything Hillary Touches She Screws Up With Hubris
(Townhall – Katie Pavlich)

Keep your kids off the trees
(Watchdog – Kevin Glass)

Big Government Cracks Down On … People Sharing Books
(PJ Media – Tom Knighton)

Report: $37.4 Million of Cash US Transferred to Iran Went to Terrorist Groups
(Newsmax – Brian Freeman)

Author Lionel Shriver Defends ‘Cultural Appropriation’: ‘Any Story You Can Make Yours, Is Yours to Tell’
(CNS News – Lauretta Brown)

Sneaky Inflation
(National Review – Kevin D. Williamson)

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