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Today’s Rebellion News – January 18th 2013

Posted by Editor in Chief
January 18th, 2013

Obama administration eases path for ‘Dreamers’ to get behind the wheel

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan) *Lead Story*

The police state, coming soon to a neighborhood near you

(PJ Media – Roger Kimball) *Must Read*

Mom-and-Pop Tax Prep Firms Defeat IRS!

(Reason – Katherine Mangu-Ward)

Time Warner Cable Enacts Its Own ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

(The Blaze – Jason Howerton)

GOP plays small ball (again)

(Human Events – David Harsanyi)

Illinois’s Blue Robin Hoods Stealing from the Young to Give to the Old

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

The Moveable Mali Front

(American Spectator – Roger Kaplan)

With weapons charge, DOJ announces another conveniently timed indictment

(Washington Examiner – Joel Gehrke)

Bobby Jindal Seeks Rich State Status With Income Tax Phaseout

(Forbes – Peter Ferrara) *Must Read*

About those ‘deadend jobs’ at Walmart

(AEI Idea – Mark J. Perry)

Obama Launches Major Alinsky-Style Community Organizing Project From the White House

(Townhall – Katie Pavlich)

Gov. Patrick: Let’s hike income taxes, drop sales taxes in MA

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

1,360 Days Since Last Budget. In that time, debt has increased $5.3 trillion.

(Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper)

Investing in Foreign Countries

(Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Evans)

Common Core of MLA

(Accuracy in Academia – Malcolm A. Kline)

A New Anti-Terror Front? Yes, the Government Thinks It’s ‘Right-Wing Extremists’

(National Review – John Fund)

Without America’s help, Europe’s defenders can’t get off the ground

(Daily Telegraph UK – Con Coughlin)

Pants on Fire? Despite Media Outcry, Romney’s ‘Lie of the Year’ Was True

(NewsBusters – Matt Hadro)

Obama bypasses Congress, attempts to force companies to reveal political donations through SEC

(Daily Caller – Vince Coglianese)

Without Deep Spending Cuts, GOP Loses the House in 2014

(Investor’s Business Day – Larry Kudkow) *Must Read*

Obama’s ATF Nominee Criticized for Seeming to Discourage Whistleblowers

(CNS News – Fred Lucas)

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