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April 16th 2011

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Have the U.S. and NATO given up on Libya mess?

(Washington Examiner – Byron York) *Lead Story*

The New Cold War

(Wall Street Journal – Bill Spindle and Margaret Coker) *Must Read*

Money Expert: We’ll Be in Recession By End of Year

(Newsmax – Forrest Jones)

Starring Chairman Ryan

(National Journal – Major Garrett)

Obama Hosts Boss of Terror Channel Al-Jazeera

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Jon Huntsman’s love letters

(Daily Caller – Jonathan Strong) *Must Read*

Boehner’s SOAR Saves School Choice

(Human Events – Lindsey Burke)

A solution for low natural gas prices: trucks and buses

(Globe and Mail – Shawn McCarthy)

Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong about Taxes

(National Review – Kevin D. Williamson)

For Iran and Its State Media, Syrian Unrest Is Either a Non-Issue or a Foreign Plot

(CNS News – Patrick Goodenough) *Must Read*


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February 28th 2011

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Libyan Opposition Presses Gadhafi, Establishes Government, Sets Crude Shipment

(Wall Street Journal – Margaret Coker and Charles Levinson) *Lead Story*

AWOL Dems defy ballot box

(Detroit News -  Nolan Finley)

Obama’s green subsidies attract do-gooder bandits

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Must Read*

Manufacturing’s Dismal Decade

( – Patrick J. Buchanan)

Social Security reform looms with or without Obama

(Washington Times – Sean Lengell) *Must Read*

The Rubicon of Wisconsin, Recklessly principled Republicans are tackling our fiscal crisis.

(National Review – Charles Krauthammer)

Schieffer Hits Christie for How He ‘Demonized Teachers’ and Presses Him to Offer ‘Straight Talk’ on Raising Taxes

(NewsBusters – Brent Baker)

U.N. leader asks Hollywood for help in fight against global climate change

(Los Angeles Times – Margot Roosevelt)

Red-light cameras debated in Missouri

(Kansas City Star – Jason Noble)

Rumsfeld’s Rebuttal,The demonized defense secretary answers his critics in his new memoir.

(City Journal – Victor Davis Hanson) *Must Read*

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February 12th 2011

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Fall of Mubarak Shakes Middle East

(Wall Street Journal – Charles Levinson, Margaret Coker, Matt Bradley, Adam Entous, and Jonathan Weisman) *Must Read*

Dubunking the leading Obamacare litigation myths

(Washington Examiner – Cory L. Andrews) *Must Read*

Tax Makes Fiji Water Turn off the Tap

(Reason Foundation – David Godow)

‘Civility’ is a polite way to say shut up, Liberals once claimed dissent was patriotic

(Charleston Daily Mail – Don Surber)

Arizona Rancher Will Fight Court Order To Pay Damages to Undocumented Immigrants

(Fox News Latino – Elizabeth Llorente)

Why Business Isn’t Getting ‘In The Game’

(Investor’s Business Daily – Stephen H. Haber and F. Scott Kieff)

Council of Europe issues a Mubarak-style diktat to Britain over prisoners’ votes

(Daily Telegraph UK – Nile Gardiner)

Business Exodus from California Accelerates

(Human Events – Roger Hedgecock)

No Coal, No Power, No Gas

(American Thinker – Jeffrey Folks)

Obamacare yields fewer choices. Overregulation can mean best medicines are banned

(Washington Times – Dr. Richard Dolinar) *Must Read*

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