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Today’s Rebellion News – May 2nd 2012

Posted by Editor in Chief
May 2nd, 2012

Gingrich exits campaign, gives tepid nod to Romney

(Washington Times – Seth McLaughlin) *Lead Story*

Another ‘Green Energy’ Failure?

(American Spectator – Mark Hyman)

Frozen cows to be removed by hand-saw, fire and explosives don’t meet green rules

(Human Events – Audrey Hudson)

‘Justice for Trayvon’: 15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs… So Far

(PJ Media – Bob Owens) *Must Read*

The TSA’s mission creep is making the US a police state

(The Guardian UK – Jennifer Abel)

Is America Up To Solving The Coming Fiscal Crisis?

(Forbes – Carrie Lukas)

Harvard and MIT to offer online courses. A step in lowering college costs?

(Christian Science Monitor – Mark Trumball)

FL County Purchases Hundreds of New Cars…Then Abandons Them for Years in Parking Garage

(The Blaze -Becket Adams) *Must Read*

US Natural Gas Price Nears $10 per Barrel Equivalence

(Energy Tribune – Geoffrey Styles)

Media Circling Wagons to Protect Warren Over Bizarre ‘Native American’ Flap

(Townhall – Guy Benson)

Lugar is moderate except when chasing PAC money

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Why Aren’t Banks Lending to Small Business? Ask Bernanke.

(The American – Scott Shane)

New York Times Bows to Terrorism

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Kresge Foundation embraces progressive tilt, moves away from helping build hospitals and schools

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill McMorris)

Houston Chronicle Lies About True the Vote; Author Shrugs when Confronted

(Breitbart – Brandon Darby)

Why Johnny can’t pay

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Peter Morici)

CBP Director: ‘Some of The Safest Communities in America’ Are on U.S.-Mexico Border

(CNS News – Edwin Mora)

Peak Housing, Peak Fraud, Peak Suburbia and Peak Property Taxes

(Family Security Matters – Charles Hugh Smith)

DEA apologizes for forgetting about shackled student for five days

(Daily Caller – Steven Nelson) *Must Read*

Wages of Quinn, speaker’s dubious ‘living’ bet

(New York Post – Nicole Gelinas)

Think police really don’t have ticket quotas? Check out these leaks

(National Post – Marni Soupcoff)

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