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Today’s Rebellion News – February 5th 2014

Farm subsidies, political leverage, and the ratchet of statism

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Lead Story*

Next Phase of Obama’s Executive Push: Climate Hubs

(New York Times – Coral Davenport) *Must Read*

CVS to stop selling tobacco products

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Report: 4 in 10 Government Security Breaches Go Undetected

(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)

Is arrest enough to strip away someone’s rights?

(Orange County Register – Conor Friedersdorf) *Must Read*

Common Core MATH lesson plans attack Reagan, list Lincoln’s religion as ‘liberal’

(Daily Caller – Eric Owens)

Lawmakers ‘Disturbed and Angered’ After Classified Briefing Reveals Extent of Snowden Defense Leaks

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

‘Ridiculous’: How a Firefighter Ended Up in Handcuffs While Helping Victims at Scene of Serious Car Accident

(The Blaze – Jason Howerton)

‘Libertarian Conservative’ Peter Schiff Slams Daily Show for Dishonest ‘Hit Job’

(NewsBusters – Matt Hadro)

The authenticity of poverty

(Human Events – John Hayward)

EPA’s Wood-Burning Stove Ban Has Chilling Consequences For Many Rural People

(Forbes – Larry Bell) *Missed Story*

Money-Hungry States Make Tax Grab From Businesses In Other States

(Investor’s Business Daily – Steven Malanga)

Detroit should bid for the 2016 GOP Convention

(Detroit News – Matt Mackowiak)

Washington’s Gambling Commission Shuts Down Card Games at Senior Center, Citing Local Ban

(Reason – Jacob Sullum)

The 4 Pillars of Poverty

(Daily Reckoning – Marc Faber)

Chinese Navy Sharpening Its Knives in Indian Ocean

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Enroll America’s New Strategy to Sell Obamacare? Singing Pets

(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)

Obama’s Immigration Non-Enforcement Actions

(National Review – Andrew Stiles)

Industry assails FDA’s ‘food taxes’

(The Hill – Ben Goad)

The Fact-free Opposition to Keystone XL

(The American – Benjamin Zycher)

We need more checks and balances for federal prosecutors.

(City Journal – Amar Bhide)

New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours at a time

(Washington Post – Craig Timberg) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – November 1st 2011

Cain gets caught in Washington’s scandal machine

(Washington Examiner – Byron York) *Lead Story*

Financial turmoil grips two more ‘green energy’ companies receiving federal loan guarantees

(Daily Caller – Jim Davis) *Must Read*

Stop The Lynching

(CNS News – L. Brent Bozell III)

Russian Propagandists Exploit Wall Street Protests

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

The American Political Parties Are Breaking Down

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead) *Must Read*

Back in the Fight

(Human Events – Tony Lee)

A Delusional Belief in Debt-Based Growth

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Earning the public’s distrust

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Ralph R. Reiland)

Chinese dragon flexes economic muscles

(Washington Times – Tony Blankley)

Another Energy Company Files For Bankruptcy, Could Leave Taxpayers On The Hook For Millions

(The Blaze – Becket Adams)

Who Killed Horatio Alger? The decline of the meritocratic ideal

(City Journal – Luigi Zingales)

Sorry, liberal media, income inequality really is way overblown

(The American – James Pethokoukis)

Should US Worry About China’s Latin American Inroads?

(Energy Tribune – Andres Cala)

America’s ‘Oh Sh*t!’ Moment

(Daily Beast – Niall Ferguson) *Must Read*

Who to blame for a do-nothing DC

(New York Post – Matt Mackowiak)

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