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Today’s Rebellion News – May 17th 2015

Posted by Editor in Chief
May 17th, 2015

r620-19ce196979de2bfc7c32d34b189bb399ISIS takes capital of Iraq’s largest province
(Washington Examiner – Barbara Boland)
*Lead Story*

Like Father, Like Daughter: Al Sharpton’s Kid Sues NYC for $5 Million For Sprained Ankle
(Daily Caller – Derek Hunter)
*Must Read*

Why the Left Will Never Talk about Its Real Agenda
(National Review – Jonah Goldberg)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one; Hillary took money from more companies seeking influence
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

Ted Cruz, the Only Republican Arrogant Enough to Be President
(PJ Media – David P. Goldman)

Hundreds of Employees Quit When Their CEO Forced This ‘Social Experiment’ on Them — and That’s Basically What He Wanted
(The Blaze – Zach Noble)

Wonder At Yet Another Robert Reich Mistake On The Minimum Wage
(Forbes – Tim Worstall)

Lots of problems with AFL-CIO’s ‘CEO-to-worker pay’ analysis including small sample size and using part-time worker pay
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

China: You Know, Let’s Enhance Some Of Our Ballistic Missiles
(Townhall – Matt Vespa)

Iowa Democrats flee Hillary Clinton over GMO support, Monsanto ties
(Washington Times – S.A. Miller)

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