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Today’s Rebellion News – April 10th 2017

Posted by Editor in Chief
April 10th, 2017

Unlike Obama, Trump defers to generals’ advice on military strategy
(Washington Times – Ben Wolfgang)
*Lead Story*

Mulvaney Set To Tell Agencies To Prep For Substantial Cuts
(Daily Caller – Juliegrace Brufke)

Shale Versus the World
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead Staff)

NYT Accuses Free Beacon of Defaming ‘Doggie Hamlet’
(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)

E-cigarette critics get research dollars from industry competitors
(Townhall – Kathy Hoekstra)

How the Clintons Sold Out U.S. National Interests to the Putin Regime
(National Review – Deroy Murdock)

Navy Sends Carrier Strike Group Toward Korean Peninsula
(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

Vermont AG’s office admits it blocked public records release based on requesters’ politics
(Watchdog – Michael Bielawski)

Why Can Rivers Be Granted Legal Personhood But Not Human Babies?
(The Federalist – Zachary D. Schmoll)

KT McFarland reassigned from National Security Council to ambassadorship
(Washington Examiner – Sarah Westwood)

Trump-taxes: President scraps tax plan, timetable threatened
(CNS News – Josh Baok and Stephen Ohlemacher)

Italian Court Bows to Powerful Taxi Union, Banning Uber
(Breitbart – Thomas D. Williams)

U of Wisconsin Researcher: Standard English ‘Oppressive’ to Minorities; Teach Ebonics Instead
(Heat Street – Ian Miles Cheong)

Violating Our Conscience: 11 Ways The MSM And Left Keep Us Divided
(Daily Wire – John Nolte)

Battle over sanctuary cities escalating
(The Hill – Reid Wilson)

Idaho Governor Flips Off Libertarians With Both Hands, Vetoes Asset Forfeiture AND Licensing Reforms
(Reason – Eric Boehm)

Report: China Offers Concessions on Beef Imports, Financial Investments
(Newsmax – Solange Reyner)

Burn After Reading
(The Intercept – Kim Zetter)

CBS wonders: Say, what happened to Russia’s guarantee on Syrian chemical weapons?
(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Why Is the ‘Right Side of History’ Losing?
(American Spectator – Robert Stacy McCain)

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