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March 10th 2011

Posted by Editor in Chief
March 10th, 2011

A no-fly zone in Libya would mean war in Libya

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Lead Story*

Muslim doc hits US imams

(New York Post – S.A. Miller) *Must Read*

GOP Ends Union Stalemate, Wisconsin Republicans Maneuver Bill Curbing Bargaining Rights Through Senate

(Wall Street Journal – Douglas Belkin and Kris Maher)

Oil companies with ready-to-go wells fed up with permitting process

(Daily Caller – Amanda Carey)

Next To Fall: Saudi Arabia

( – Dick Morris and Eileen McGann) *Must Read*

Why Rep. Peter King’s Hearings Are Necessary

(Family Security Matters – Peter Gadiel)

TSA Never Tested Full-Body Scans For Mass Transit, Except When It Did

(Forbes – Andy Greenberg)

A subdued Hassan gets life term, Outspoken killer says little as judge imposes maximum sentence

(Buffalo News – Sandra Tan)

Don’t Be Swayed By Faucets On Fire And Other Anti-Fracking Propaganda

(Energy Tribune – Michael Economides) *Must Read*

GOP panel members balk at new Net rules, Measure regulates Web control

(Washington Times – David Eldridge)


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