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Aug 25th 2009

Posted by Editor in Chief
August 25th, 2009

Obama White House v. CIA; Panetta Threatened to Quit

(ABC News – Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito and Brian Ross)

The Alternative to Obamacare: HAA!

(Newsmax – David A. Patten)

How CPSIA hits one small business owner

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey) *Video Clip*

Finally, Conservatives Have Their Freedom Fighters

(Pajamas Media – AWR Hawkins)

Obama’s science czar is a wackjob. So sue me.

(Michelle Malkin)

Troutman, Florida Firm on Taylor Bean’s Bankruptcy

(The AM Law Daily – Zach Lowe)

As Voter Disgust With Albany Rises, So Do Calls for a New Constitution

(The New York Times – Nicholas Confessore)

National Suicide *Must Read*

(Townhall – Cal Thomas)

America’s Empire of Trust

(CNS News – Alan Caruba)

We Need Sunlight to Disinfect the Legislative Process!

(Campaign for Liberty – Ron Paul)

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