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Today’s Rebellion News – October 26th 2017

Posted by Editor in Chief
October 26th, 2017

Clinton campaign accused of violating election law by funding anti-Trump dossier
(Washington Times – Andrea Noble and Dave Boyer)
*Lead Story*

We Need an Investigation of the Entire Justice Department Now
(PJ Media – Roger L Simon)
*Must Read*

DOJ Allowing FBI Informant to Tell Congress What He Knows About Uranium One Deal
(CNS News – Susan Jones)

WSJ to Mueller after dossier exposé: Resign
(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Justice Department settles cases in lawsuits alleging targeting conservative groups by IRS
(Washington Examiner – Kelly Cohen)

Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee
(American Spectator – Mark Pulliam)

Tom Perez Says ‘Electoral College Is Not a Creation of the Constitution’ (It Is.)
(Washington Free Beacon – Brent Scher)

MSNBC Suspends Senior Political Analyst Mark Halperin
(Townhall – Micah Rate)

Noncitizen Immigrants Voted Illegally In Pennsylvania Elections
(Daily Caller – Will Racke)

AdAge Writer Tries to Downplay NFL’s Ratings and Attendance Slides
(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer)

E&E Legal Attorney Disappointed by Lack of Cooperation From Former Vermont AG
(Inside Sources – Erin Mundahl)

Waiter: MLB Player Bruce Maxwell Made Up Story About Refusal Of Service Over Anthem Protest
(Daily Wire – Joseph Curl)

DNC, Wasserman Schultz say they were unaware of dossier payments
(The Hill – Jonathan Easley)

10 Countries Are Economically Freer Than U.S.
(Newsmax – Scott Rasmussen)

Oberlin College Is Hiring Students to Be Social Justice Activists, Host Microaggression Training
(Reason – Robby Soave)

GOP Leaders Get 1 Million Guest-Workers for Food Industry, in Trade for E-Verify
(Breitbart – Neil Munro)

Trump to Declare Opioid Crisis a “Public Health Emergency”
(Red State – Sarah Lee)

(American Interest – Adam Garfinkle)

Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure
(The Federalist – Joy Pullmann)

Don’t let red-state Democrats off the hook on tax reform
(AEI Ideas – Marc A. Thiessen)

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