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Today’s Rebellion News – November 29th 2013

California Sheriff Denied Gun Purchase over Background Check

(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins) *Lead Story*

NYT: So, turns out that all of this Medicaid expansion actually might not necessarily mean more access…

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey) *Must Read*

Surrender in Geneva, Iran got everything it wanted.

(National Review – Mark Steyn)

Group Receives $1.1 Million Grant to Gather Obamacare Success Stories

(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)

Suspensions for cops who humiliated innocent black man

(Daily Caller – Robby Soave)

‘High levels of consumer spending are a consequence of economic growth, not a cause of it’

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis) *Must Read*

China Refusing to Back Down Against US, Japan in East China Sea

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Senate Democrats try to ban millions of polymer magazines

(Washington Times – Emily Miller)

Let My Genes Go! And Leave 23andMe Alone.

(Reason – Ronald Bailey)

Call Your Congressman In Favor Of Rand Paul’s Fed Audit

(Forbes – Perianne Boring)

Music teachers, beware. The feds are onto you. Better not try to raise the price of your lessons

(Wall Street Journal – Kim Strassel)

Jim Rogers: ‘Abolish’ the Incompetent Federal Reserve

(Money News – Dan Weil)

Cancer Patient Who Says Obamacare Canceled His Health Insurance Now Says He’s Being Audited by the IRS

(The Blaze – Madeleine Morgenstern)

Why Dodd-Frank won’t prevent another financial crisis

(City Journal – Nicole Gelinas)

NSF Spends $82,525 to Study Self-Defense by Millipedes – See more at:

NSF Spends $82,525 to Study Self-Defense by Millipedes

(CNS News – Melanie Hunter) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – January 13th 2013

The Republican war on Republicans

(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw) *Lead Story*

Obama acknowledges involvement in Somalia raid

(Washington Times – Dave Boyer) *Must Read*

72% of U.S. Casualities in Afghan War Under Obama’s Watch

(CNS News – Patrick Burke)

Soros: 13 New Gun Laws Needed Now

(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins)

Jack Lew — From K Street to Wall Street to Treasury

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Politico Editor: With Gun Control ‘Obama Is Risking the Opportunity to Retake the House in 2014’

(NewsBusters – Noel Sheppard)

‘Must-Pass’ Sandy Bill Loads Up On Pork

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Customs Agents Raid Wrong House In Moore, OK

(KOTV – Evan Anderson)

The Constitutional Option: If 14th amendment were used to bypass debt ceiling, would anyone buy U.S. debt?

(AEI Ideas – Peter J. Wallison) *Must Read*

Who’s in, out in top Obama posts

(Human Events – Audrey Hudson)

Obama to Seek Immigration Overhaul in Single, Giant Bill

(Townhall – Kate Hicks)

House Identified on NY Paper’s ‘Gun Map’ Burglarized — And the Robbers Went Straight for the Guns

(The Blaze – Erica Ritz)

E-Filing and the Explosion in Tax-Return Fraud

(Wall Street Journal – Jay Starkman)

How Boeing’s non-lethal CHAMP missiles could mark ‘a new era in modern-day warfare’

(National Post – Stephen Starr)

Fewer share Detroit’s ‘thing’ – auto jobs

(Detroit News – Nolan Finley)

Using Cultural Technology in the Culture War

( – Daniel Greenfield)

Obama Authorized U.S. Participation in Botched French Somalia Mission

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

It’s Insulting To Women To Complain That President Obama Isn’t Hiring Any

(Forbes – Sabrina Schaeffer)

With French air strikes, has the war to retake northern Mali begun?

(Christian Science Monitor – Peter Tinti) *Must Read*

What New York Can Learn from Britain’s Rail Fiasco

(City Journal – Nicole Gelinas)

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Tonight’s Show 9-21-2012

Romney tax release undercuts Democratic charges

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan) *Lead Story*

U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High

(Gallup – Lymari Morales) *Must Read*

The VA admits spending $100 million on conferences in 2011

(Washington Examiner – Mark Flatten)

US says Libya attack was terrorism: Was it unprepared for Arab Spring fallout?

(Christian Science Monitor – Howard LaFranchi)

House passes measure to stop Obama’s war on coal

(Human Events – Audrey Hudson)

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Calls for Global Ban on Blasphemy

(PJ Media – Bryan Preston)

Newly released emails reveal the ‘nonpartisan’ group’s stealthy White House alliance on health care.

(Wall Street Journal – Kimberley A. Strassel)

DNC owes millions to union-owned bank, records show

(Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Stiles)

State Department Attacks Free Speech With Taxpayer Dollars in Pakistan

(Townhall – Katie Pavlich)

Man Spends $20K Cleaning Abandoned Lot Near His Business– City Threatens Legal Action

(The Blaze – Erica Ritz) *Must Read*

The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is both irrelevant and dangerous.

(City Journal – Nicole Gelinas)

Democracy Is Not a Psychology Experiment

(Weekly Standard – Mark Hemingway)

Eddie Haskell Brooks

(CNS News – Michelle Malkin)

QE3 will not fix America’s problems, warns Paul Volcker

(Daily Telegraph UK – Helia Ebrahimi) *Must Read*

If You Want to Help the Poor and the Middle Class, Encourage Deflation

(Family Security Matters – Charles Hugh Smith)

Anti-Japanese Hatred in China Reshaping the Market

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

(Accuracy in Media – Mary Grabar)

The Rand Paul formula is working

(Campaign Insider – Brandon Howell)

No secret plans to invade Canada, U.S. says, but that wasn’t always the case

(National Post – Tristin Hopper)

Obama’s ‘Food Cops’ Take Over School Cafeterias

(US News & World Report – Peter Roff) *Must Read*

Chinese hacktivists launch cyber attack on Japan

(The Register UK – Phil Muncaster)

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 12th 2012

Conservative think tank AEI hosted secret meeting with liberal groups on carbon taxation

(Washington Examiner  – Sean Higgins) *Lead Story*

Boehner Dodges Question of Whether He Will Fund or Defund Obamacare

(CNS News – Kendra Alleynne) *Must Read*

Why didn’t Obama address the NAACP? Maybe he didn’t want to get booed.

(AEI Ideas – Marc Thiessen)

Mitt Romney Should Be Bashing The Fed, Not China

(Forbes – Louis Woodhill)

It’s Not the Clinton Economy Anymore

(American Spectator – W. James Antle, III)

83% of doctors consider quitting because of ObamaCare

(Human Events – John Hayward) *Must Read*

Japan-China Spat Heating Up

(American Interest –  Walter Russell Mead)

This California City Will Charge $225 For Anyone Needing a Paramedic

(The Blaze – Jason Hawerton)

Reid: Burn ‘Made in China’ USA Uniforms

(Wall Street Journal – Corey Boles)

Democrats Now Claiming Romney Lied About His Bain Departure, Facts Disagree

(Townhall – Guy Benson)

Russian general who threatened preemptive U.S. attacks to meet Dempsey on missile defense

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

Treaty Overboard: Just Three More ‘No’ Vows Needed to Block Law of the Sea

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

Congresswoman demands investigation into millions of taxpayer dollars used for Disney World conference

(Daily Caller – Matthew Boyle)

Wiedemer: Further Fed Easing Won’t Prevent US Recession

(Money News – Forrest Jones and Kathleen Walter)

Fed Bet Obama Would Be Fiscally Responsibe—And Lost

(Investor’s Business Daily – Mike Cosgrove)

Irony of Ironies: Europe Switches to Coal as US Gas Glut Reduces Emissions

(Energy Tribune – Peter C. Glover)

Russia’s plan to use regional organizations as levers in Central Asia has some flaws

(The Diplomat -Richard Weitz)

Government just keeps going and going

(Charleston Daily Mail – Don Surber)

The Worldwide Debt Culture

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Using eminent domain to fix bad mortgages would cause more problems than it would solve

(City Journal – Nicole Gelinas) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 10th 2012

Discord at Supreme Court is deep, and personal

(CBS News – Jan Crawford) *Lead Story*

Obama’s Coming Gun Control: Through the UN

(Townhall – Katie Pavlich) *Must Read*

Higher taxes in Maryland chasing out the wealthy

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

Congressional bully pushes anti-bullying legislation

(Daily Caller – Caroline May)

Not only did Obama ignore Simpson-Bowles, but now he’s doing the opposite of what they recommended

(The American – James Pethokoukis)

Five indicted in killing of Border agent Terry

(The Hill – Jordy Yager)

Obama Proposal Increases Tax Rates for All Income Brackets by 2014

(CNS News – Matt Cover)

Deflation Coming to China? Brace Yourself, America

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

CNN’s Candy Crowley Grills Robert Gibbs Over Obama Campaign’s Misleading Outsourcing Ads

(Accuracy in Media –  Don Irvine) *Must Read*

Iranian mullahs do not take Obama seriously, experts say

(Washington Free Beacon – Adam Kredo)

America Has Too Many Teachers

(Wall Street Journal – Andrew Coulson)

US (Energy) Security: Brazil is Key in Overdue Hemispheric Policy Shakeup

(Energy Tribune – Andres Cala)

Another week, another reminder that the banks are still busted

(City Journal – Nicole Gelinas)

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records of Illegal Alien Amnesty Program

(Breitbart – Tom Fitton)

House committee probes U.N. technology sales to Iran and North Korea

(Human Events – Scott Kaufman)

Channeling Kurt Richebacher…

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

United Nations Votes for Iran to Police Arms Control

(The Blaze -Mytheos Holt)

Omaha Stacy vs. HHS

(National Review – Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Police requesting Americans’ cellphone data at staggering rate

(Los Angeles Times – Matt Pearce)

Dispersant’s use adds subplot to oil spill saga

(Fuel Fix – Emily Pickrell)

Pennsylvania city workers to take mayor to court over across-the-board minimum wage salaries

(Fox News – Perry Chiaramonte) *Must Read*

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