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Today’s Rebellion News – April 30th 2015

Posted by Editor in Chief
April 30th, 2015

9_8_2014_usis-28201_c0-0-3000-1748_s561x327NSA snooping program on last legs after anti-Patriot Act vote
(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)
*Lead Story*

Porn-Watching EPA Employees Earning $120,000 A Year Put on Paid Administrative Leave
(CNS News – Ali Meyer)
*Must Read*

George Soros, tax policy hypocrite
(Hot Air – Noah Rothman)

Creative destruction: Newspaper ad revenue continued its precipitous free fall in 2014, and it’s likely to continue
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

ABC and NBC Continue to Dodge Bad News on the Economy; Nets Again Skip Recovered IRS E-Mails
(NewsBusters – Curtis Houck)

Obama Admin. Won’t Let States Ask for Proof of Citizenship … On Voter Registration Form!
(PJ Media – Joseph Vanderhulst)

Asia Leads the World’s Rising Defense Spending
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Are regulations leaving Tennessee with fewer hospital services?
(Watchdog – Chris Butler)

Yet Again, Government Screws Up – And Tries to Blame the Private Sector
(Human Events – Seton Motley)

Yertle2The Latest Microaggression: Educating Students About… Microaggression!
(Reason – Robby Soave)
*Must Read*

Judicial Watch Sues State Department for Records on Hillary’s iPad Use
(Washington Free Beacon – CJ Ciaramella)

Will Iran Nuclear Deal Cause Dollar To Lose Its Strength?
(Investor’s Business Daily – Scott S. Powell)

Mom: School Wouldn’t Let My Kid Finish Her Lunch Because It Wasn’t Healthy Enough
(National Review – Katherine Timpf)

Ben Shapiro out, TruthRevolt in turmoil as Horowitz denies shutdown reports
(Washington Examiner – T. Becket Adams)

GAO: Border Patrol Causing Thousands Of Dollars In Property Damage
(Daily Caller – Michael Bastasch)

House Adopts Budget Promising $5 Trillion in Spending Cuts, Speedy Repeal of Obamacare
(The Blaze – Oilver Darcy)

Senate sets up vote to override NLRB veto
(The Hill – Jordain Carney)

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