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Today’s Rebellion News – February 23rd 2017

Posted by Editor in Chief
February 23rd, 2017

Mexico vows to resist Trump immigration plans
(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)
*Lead Story*

TOWN HALL AMBUSHES: No, Personal Tragedy Does Not Mean You Get To Make Policy
(Daily Wire – Ben Shaprio)

America Eases Into Role as LNG Exporter
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead Staff)

DOJ/ED: Students Still Protected Against Discrimination, Bullying, Harassment
(CNS News – Susan Jones)

Connecticut Governor Malloy Orders Cops to Ignore President Trump’s Immigration Orders
(Breitbart – Warner Todd Huston)

So the Fourth Circuit court just basically gutted Heller
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

GAO: New border fences stop illegals, boost safety
(Washington Examiner – Paul Bedard)

Nets Tout Liberal Town Hall Protests, Deny Outside Organization
(NewsBusters – Nicholas Fondacaro)

Trump’s EPA Chief Releases More Than 7,000 Emails To Soros-Funded Group
(Daily Caller – Chris White)

Straightforward From Here To The Left’s Fascist, Maybe Violent, Endgame
(Townhall – Kurt Schlichter)

Feds Spending $149,927 Studying Bigfoot
(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)

College Lecturer Suspended for Assaulting Republican Student
(PJ Media – Tom Knighton)

Tammy Baldwin quietly leaves VA investigative oversight committee
(Watchdog – M.D. Kittle)

ACLU To File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Milwaukee Over Stop-and-Frisk
(Reason – C.J. Cairamella)

Dutch Doctor Forces Assisted Suicide Dose On Sedated, Protesting Patient
(The Federalist – Zachary D. Schmoll)

Liberals may regret their applause for a “high-tech lynching.”
(American Spectator – Robert Stacy McCain)

Tucson cosmetology student under investigation for giving free haircuts
(Tucson News – Kristin Haubrich)

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