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Today’s Rebellion News – January 6th

Obama’s Dream For Gun Control Would Take More Away Than Your Gun
(Daily Caller – Scott Greer)
*Lead Story*

AP fact check: Obama gun-control actions wouldn’t have stopped any mass shooting
(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)
*Must Read*

In 2015, US Natural Gas Prices Hit Lowest Annual Average in 16 Years
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

DC Media Cover-Up: Actually, Obama and Hillary Have Said They Want to Confiscate Guns
(Breitbart – John Nolte)

Bay Area bureaucrats ban fireplaces, wood stoves*Ran Oct 2015*
(Watchdog – Eric Boehm)

Emphasis on addiction
(The Hill – Ben Kamisar)

North Korea Claims It Just Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb For the First Time
(Reason – Peter Suderman)

Wage Hikes Depressed Low-Skilled Unemployment
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill McMorris)

Coverup of Mass Molestations on New Year’s Eve in Cologne Draws Ire
(PJ Media – Michael Walsh)

Acceptance rates at US medical schools in 2015 reveal ongoing racial preferences for blacks and Hispanics
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

Despite Green Energy Push, API Chief Says Oil and Gas Will Provide 80% of U.S. Energy Needs Through 2040
(CNS News – Penny Starr)

Why good jobs are too few, wages so poor
(Washington Times – Peter Morici)

Obama White House Minimizes Fact That Most Gun Deaths Are Suicides
(American Spectator – Aaron Goldstein)

Jim Kenney Rescinds Policy, Philly a ‘Sanctuary City’ Again
(Newsmax – Nick Sanchez)

Medical privacy is not the VA way
(Washington Examiner – Sarah Westwood)

CBO: Reconciliation Bill Gutting Key Parts Of Obamacare Would Cut Deficit By $516 Billion Over Ten Years
(Townhall – Matt Vespa)

The Showdown in the South China Sea
(National Review – Arthur L. Herman)

Obama’s Dismal Economic Record Looks Even Worse When Compared To Reagan
(Forbes – Steve Moore)

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Peter SudermanPeter Suderman, Senior Editor, Reason magazine and, Joins the show at 9pm ET.

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Today’s Rebellion News – May 7th 2015

NSA_Surveillance_.JPEG-06aa2_c0-171-4500-2793_s561x327NSA phone record collection is excessive: U.S. appeals court
(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)
*Lead Story*

Moms Demand Draws Less Than 36 People To Protest NC Gun Rights Bill
(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins)
*Must Read*

Feds Forcing Public Schools to Adopt ‘Nondiscrimination’ for Transgender Teachers and Students
(CNS News – Lauretta Brown)

White House going to war with Warren on trade?
(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

DC Rep Warns House GOP: Don’t Mess With Local Laws
(Daily Caller – Josh Fatzick)

Justice Department Requests Investigation of Quid Pro Quo Hiring and Wasteful Spending at U.S. Marshals Service
(Washington Free Beacon – CJ Ciaramella)

New Study Could Lead to Changes in Abortion Law
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Are 3-D Gun Plans Considered Free Speech?
(PJ Media – Liz Sheld)

Huffington Post updates article one year after charges dropped against innocent man
(Washington Examiner – Ashe Schow)

GOP lawmaker helps McAuliffe kill voter ID bill
(Watchdog – Kenric Ward)

3b1200c3-f1bd-4bc3-823c-907d1a3f7bcdConservatives Projected To Win 316 Seats; Obligatory UK Election Post: The ‘Most Unpredictable Election In Decades’
(Townhall – Matt Vespa)
*Must Read*

New Study of Obamacare Coverage Suggests What the Health Law Is—and Maybe Isn’t—Doing
(Reason – Peter Suderman)

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Today’s Rebellion News – May 4th 2015

Prophet_Cartoon_Contest_Shooting.JPEG-03851_c6-0-4802-2796_s561x327Muslim gunman avoided no-fly list, then received probation after judge threw out terrorism charge
(Washington Times – Valerie Richardson)
*Lead Story*

FCC Commissioner: Feds May Come for Drudge
(CNS News – Rudy Takala)
*Must Read*

Red Higher Ed Reforms Put Pressure on Carolina Blue
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Internet godfather warns about plans for technology ‘back doors’
(The Hill – Julian Hattem)

The Average US Welfare Payment Puts You In The Top 20% Of All Income Earners
(Forbes – Tim Worstall)

Franchising Faces ‘Perfect Storm’
(Washington Free Beacon – Bill McMorris)

Meet the Big-Government Republicans Who Back Increased NIH Funding
(PJ Media – Liz Sheld)

Dem Rep: The IRS Should Investigate the NRA
(Townhall – Cortney O’Brien)

Smoke on the water: In tough budget times, smokers provide steady stream of revenue
(Watchdog – Kathryn Watson)

606x404-58fbdb50d4b3c67baf0e5f727e83bf57Supreme Court to hear fight over electricity payments
(Washington Examiner – John Siciliano)
*Must Read*

Zero Inflation Is Holding the Economy Together
(Human Events – Larry Kudlow)

Emergency Room Visits Continue to Rise Under Obamacare
(Reason – Peter Suderman)

Again, the 1980s boom was about more than just the Reagan tax cuts
(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

How long will her media allow Hillary Clinton to avoid questions?
(Investor’s Business Daily – Andrew Malcolm)

VA Keeps Blocking Requests From Committee, Frustration Builds
(Daily Caller – Jonah Bennett)

FAIL: Only 18 Percent Of 8TH-Graders Proicient In US History
(Breitbart – Dr. Susan Berry)

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Today’s Rebellion News – March 5th 2015

Cordray-640x480CFPB Director Swats Down Congressional Question About $215 Million Spent On New HQ: ‘Why Does That Matter to You?’
(Breitbart – Michael Patrick Leahy)
*Lead Story*

Obama White House trying to reverse GOP takeover of state-level government
(Hot Air – Noah Rothman)
*Must Read*

Report: ‘Significant Security Control Weaknesses’ at FAA Threaten US Airspace
(Washington Free Beacon – Adam Kredo)

Schumer: ‘Hard Right Republican Temper Tantrum on Immigration’ Holding Up Lynch Nod
(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

How Shale is Helping America’s Trade Balance
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Is A Crony Deal In Place To End Streaming Music?
(Daily Caller – Andrew F. Quinlan)

House of Cards: Feds aim to overrule states, ban online gambling
(Watchdog – Yael Ossowski)

Mother Jones: Three Meals a Day Is Racist
(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer)

Survey: 72% say Washington economic policies doing nothing for the 99%
(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

ap443476968012_c0-189-4962-3081_s561x327Obama’s move to ban AR-15 ammo is being shot down by House lawmakers
(Washington Times – Dave Boyer) *Must Read*

CRS Report: Medical Device Tax Burden Falls on Consumers
(Forbes – Alan Cole)

Lawmakers call for EPA official to resign over using personal emails
(Washington Examiner – Sarah Westwood)

Clinton-led State Dept. criticized US ambassador for using private email
(The Hill – Jesse Byrnes)

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Can’t Answer Climate Questions
(Investor’s Business Daily – Editorial)

Netflix May Already Regret Its Support for the FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules
(Reason – Peter Suderman)

Ethanol: The GOP-supported rip-off
(Human Events – Larry Elder)

Did the Obama Administration Lie to a Federal Judge about Amnesty?
(National Review – Ryan Lovelace)

Attention Parents: If You Let Your Kids Out Of Your Sight, They Might Be Abducted — By The Government
(The Blaze – Matt Walsh)

Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Get It
(National Journal – Ron Fournier)

Washington House Passes Bill To Outlaw Spying Via Drone
(CBS Seattle/AP – Derrick Nunnally)

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