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Today’s Rebellion News – September 7th 2017

Posted by Editor in Chief
September 7th, 2017

China: Sure, let’s ramp up the sanctions on Kim
(Hot Air – Ed Morrrssey)
*Lead Story*

Trump tells Dreamers they’re safe for six months
(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)

Police Report Indicates Wasserman Schultz IT Aide Planted Computer For Investigators To Find
(Daily Caller – Luke Rosiak)

Liberal Camille Paglia: Transgender Surgery ‘Can’t Change Anyone’s Sex’ — DNA is Set
(CNS News – Michael W. Chapman)

Daily Beast Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein Believes DACA Participants Can … Vote
(Breitbart – John Nolte)

Beware of Narratives and Misinformation
(National Review – Victor Davis Hanson)

Feds Spend $1 Million for Robot That Gathers Data on High School Kids
(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)

Administration Sources: Creepy Tweet Was a Coded Message to General McMaster About Leakers
(PJ Media – David Steinberg)

Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith Compares Deporting Immigrants to Shooting Them
(NewsBusters – Randy Hall)

Trump’s Potential Triangulation
(The Federalist – Ben Domenech)

Steve Bannon: Catholic Church has ‘economic interest’ in ‘unlimited illegal immigration’
(Washington Examiner – Anna Giaritelli)

Husband Gets Human-Trafficking Charge for Driving His Wife to a Motel
(Reason – Elizabeth Nolan Brown)

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